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Cool IGN Articles

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    Cool IGN Articles

    Hey everyone,

    The first Kane and Lynch: Dead Men online preview had been release exclusively at IGN. Check out these really cool IGN articles. More information hopefully to follow; in the meantime enjoy!

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    If it plays like a Co-op version of Blood Money, count me in.

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    What a sweet looking game.

    Thanks for the links guys. Based on Heat, Man on fire, very cool. Reminds me of Die Hard too.

    Pretty obvious but has been put up at some point lately. Anyone know when this comes out-ish?

    Awesome work IO!

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    release date

    well it's not supposed to be out till some unannounced time next year. But since its using an updated version of the bloodmoney engine from what ive read and it is going to play somewhat like freedom fighters I wouldnt think it would be late since the engine and core play mechanics are already more or less there.

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    Originally Posted by @m
    I had to stop reading the preview because I didn't want too much spoiled, but it sure sounds amazing! Playing side by side on LAN with such characters would truly be different.
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