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Thread: Two Lara models

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    Screencaps from comparing xbox360 (top) and ps2 (bottom) models:

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    personally, i prefer the ps2 model i think she looks more feminine that way and... i don't know... cartoony > 'off-real'

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    Sorry, All, my bad (that sounds so American lol.)

    I wached the movie a while ago,
    just like headache my mind got tangled a bit...

    I hope thay bring back Wilson in the 3rd movie with an excuse like, hes was on a vacation or leave...

    Nice pics zerOnix, I agree with you, sorta

    it's the over load on bump mapping and the bloom effects that make lara look a bit off...

    and off the subject... why doesnt her pony tale float like in the other games?

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