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Thread: Glitch right after imbuing the wraith blade with darkness

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    Question Glitch right after imbuing the wraith blade with darkness

    Has anyone encountered this Glitch? It happend after imbuing the blade with darkness. I left the vampire citatel after completing said task. I found that the door leading back out into the cemetary was blocked by two gargoyles.(this is normal) But i also realized that the magic stone i needed to charge up the wraith blade so i may pass through un-observed was not in its place. Has this happend to anyone else? And does anyone have any info on this glitch? Please voice your oppinions and any questions you have.


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    No, that one hasn't happened. But, on the PS2 version, I did have a glitch once or twice (which hasn't happened since, oddly) where the stone disappears in Vorador's mansion behind the door with the death Guardian on it that opens. The one you need to charge up the Wraith Blade in order to ignite all of the sconces on the chandelier to raise it before you face those two fire statues.

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    It seems though that both the glitch you had and one that happend to me are closely related. . for you to have experienced the mysterious missing stone glitch. The way to get around this obstical however, is to insert the cheat that will charge up the reaver for you.

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