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Square Enix - DRM

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    Square Enix - DRM

    Dear Square Enix,

    I grew up playing and loving the Final Fantasy Series. I was very excited when I heard I & III were coming to Android and I could reexperience them. I am extremely disappointed by your choice of DRM, however. I have learned to accept DRM that is active on initial installation, but I will not buy games that use active DRM after installation. Since I also refuse to acquire games outside official channels, this choice has reduced my gaming purchases quite a bit. In this particular case, though, I would truly love to play these Final Fantasy games from my childhood. I urge you to rethink your DRM choices so I can buy them and play them again.

    Thank you,
    Potential (and Nostalgic) Customer

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    A few weeks ago, I bought Shellshock2 and Conflictenied Ops at
    I have three PC's at home, but only one have permanent internet conection, that is why I want to know about the DRM..
    Is there a limit to the number of activations?
    How to revoke a license?

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    Try giving [SQUARE ENIX Customer Service] a call.


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    Rolleyes DRM Protection? Seriously?

    I recently purchased one of the games from the Square-Enix store, only to find out that it's DRM protected!! Seriously! It's 2013 and Square-Enix is still DRM protecting it's games! Don't you people realize how annoying this is to you customers? Don't you realize that DRM protection accomplishes absolutely nothing in regards to preventing piracy? The only thing DRM protection has prevented me from doing is ensuring the fact that I will never buy another Square-Enix game with DRM protection on it again!

    Let's all hope that Square-Enix comes to their senses and starts selling their games on GOG instead of Steam.

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    We do already sell some of our games on GoG.. however you wont find Steam going anywhere anytime soon.. the ONLY DRM we usually utilise on a Steam title is purely `ownership` ie ensuring that the user on steam has bought the game so has a legitimate copy.. <-thas me hehe
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    I did see that there were a few titles on GOG from Square-Enix, but there have yet to be any Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest titles released on any of the websites. (Aside from FF VII) I'm thankful that your team is actually making somewhat of an effort, but I will never buy another game that is DRM protected, or uses an internet connection to activate the game in any way. That being said, I think most of the fans would buy the games legally rather than download them. Personally I would never download a pirated copy of a new release ... ever ... so I find DRM protection only punishes the people who will actually buy the game. Most people are smart enough to realize that if you buy the game, then the developers will have the funds to make another game to release. Seriously though ... DRM should never be used in any game for any reason whatsoever.

    It doesn't matter to me if Square-Enix sells it's games on Steam either, but I will personally only buy games on

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    Lightbulb DRM, Steam

    I just wanted to let you know that I don't buy games with DRM and that I'd be much more willing to buy your games if they were sold DRM-free.
    Maybe it would even work out better for you if you didn't have to give Valve a cut of the sales...

    Perhaps you think people like me are an irrelevant minority who doesn't really affect your overall profits. And maybe you're right, I don't know (do a survey?).
    Anyway, I only have good intentions for developers and customers, if not I wouldn't even waste 10 minutes to register and post here.

    Have a nice day!