Thread: Can't reinforce my troops after taking casualties

Can't reinforce my troops after taking casualties

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    Can't reinforce my troops after taking casualties

    After the battles I can't find the way to go back to the 60 soldiers I had before. I went back to my territories even in the barrack with an officer they don't recover. I have try everything every click, how do you do? I have hospitals in every provinces too.

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    This - sadly - is tech-tree dependent. If you choose the path of Autocracy, you can research Surgery in the second "Age" or tier, then build FIELD hospitals (quite expensive btw). The restore option in the right click menu for the unit then becomes active if it is situated in a province with these special hospitals (you can also tell that this option is active by a blue cross instead of a red one above the commander).

    Democratic systems only can recombine units, meaning for example if you have 25 from one light infantry-unit left and 30 from another you can merge them into a 55 soldier unit (just drag one icon over the other). The tedious thing is: they have to be of the same nationality, so for example you can't merge troops from Batavia with those from Spain.

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    Read this discussion from the forum. Basically, you can't retrain troops unless certain research has been made.

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