Alright, I liked this game on the PS2 and am looking to get it on the PC; personally I think games like this work a lot better with a mouse. But I have a problem I'd like to get resolved.

Recently got the demo to see how it works on my system... and after installing it, it has the audacity to tell me that I don't fulfill the minimum requirements. Now in all honesty... technically, I don't. It wants an Athlon XP, I have an AMD Duron, but it's still 1.4 Ghz... the speed it wants. I also have a GB of RAM and a RADEON 9800 Pro.

NO offense, but there has to be a way for this game and demo to work on my system... I highly doubt it'd have any problems if it tried. I'd hate to think that I have to stick to GTA San Andreas because it works on my system, and Total Overdose is too anal to attempt working on my system. Any help would be appreciated.