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Thread: Replay Level... before you're done?

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    Question Replay Level... before you're done?

    The bug with the water boss monster.. cages won't drop.

    Solution is to replay level.

    I didn't finish it.. the game won't let me. Selecting replay level... England isn't listed... how.. do you replay something you didn't finish?

    There's no reload from checkpoint...

    Please don't tell me I have to do the previous bloody level before JUST to get to England!! I hated the previous level's boss.. ugh

    I like the adventure.. shooting the bad guys.. figuring out puzzles. I despise these "boss" levels... 4+ hours of teeth-grinding aggrivation that is NOT FUN. Dying from 2 hits is REAL fun. No healthpacks.. oh and the 360's cheat codes are buried under objectives... makes getting past the bugs REAL FUN...

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    Hi, if you're playing on a computer, you can download a zipped file which has the area before and after:
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    Nope, XBOX 360.

    I replayed the level prior to this one.. nope, won't take me to the England level. I am literally at a stopping point.

    Without a patch, I can't proceed without replaying the entire thing.

    All this.. just because I played with the switches when I entered the area.. *sigh*

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    Try jumping onto the lake and let the serpent get you onto her mouth to then throw you onto the castle area. See if you can grapple the mechanism after that. Worked for me yesterday (on PS2).

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    Precisely how are you trying to grapple the levers Akhilles? l have played this level on XBox, PC and PS2, always played with the levers before entering the tomb and never encountered this problem. If it was a so called bug, all you would have to do was die and you would go back to the last checkpoint, and the levers would be reset

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    is this the same problem as the sticky?
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    Probably, depends on how he is trying to grapple, you do not use accurate aim

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