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Thread: Patch 1.2 Released

Patch 1.2 Released

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    Rolleyes Irritated

    I Cleared the game 3 times and really like to play around with some cheats I suggest release a new patch where the level clear thing cant be done instead of punishing us honest cheaters as well!

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    i am playing the game on a geforce fx5200 128mb, i have install the patch no more lag but it still crash when firing on shaderquality Medium
    can someone help me

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    Pc Vs Xbox 360

    one thing teh xbox 360 version is missing is Highscore and that misses me off thats why i bought it for pc and yet to date there hasn't been a single Hitman xbox 360 update thats a rip off,,,,

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    Throwing Down the Stairs no longer fatal?

    I can't seem to kill anyone by throwing/pushing them down the stairs anymore. It was always tricky before, but now it seems impossible.

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    Patch 1.3 will be out WHEN?????

    the "Post Filters" + Weapon bug is a year old now.....

    or for the love of god at least pass the word along for a hotfix!

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    Please keep posts about the topic and please do not typing gibberish.

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