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Thread: Hello! Initial thoughts?

Hello! Initial thoughts?

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    Originally Posted by Le_Don
    New players, who really enjoy this game (which is fine for them), will enjoy it as a multiplayer shooter, but not as a LoK. Either way promising a new LoK is a cheap trick to lure people into a game, in which they aren't simply interested. Please, separate how badly people want a new LoK and how they are interested in Nosgoth, otherwise it might bury the franchise completly.
    I'm sorry, but there's no winning this argument, because the original LOK games have too small a cult-following, with sales too small. Let's face it, we live in a green-back society where it is extremely difficult for developers get the go-ahead from publishing companies.

    If we lived in a sort of post-labor socialist society without heavy copyright laws, passionate artists and developers and fans-unfettered by myriad capitalistic demands, like unrelated day-jobs or the need to convince the market their project will somehow profit- could more easily band together and create some sort of open-source single-player story continuation with Kain and Raziel, one that could be continually improved and updated. As we have seen a few fan-created projects were already in the works, which were respectfully cancelled at the request of the original developers for copyright reasons.

    Given the current circumstances of the way the world is set up, the developers for this new Nosgoth game are doing the best possible thing with the franchise.

    I'm a huge fan of the first 5 LOK games, and I legally own copies of each game for ps1, ps2, xbox, Dreamcast & PC. I have replayed them all many times and have the dialogue memorized. I totally feel the pain of all the passionate fans, and I get very sentimental when I think of this:

    That said, you can see these developers are genuinely ardent about Nosgoth's lore. They are not Team Ninja facetiously denigrating DmC (as many of the fans claimed...I personally like Team Ninja & especially loved Enslaved Odysee to the West). I think they are doing an amazing job so far of keeping the Nosgoth universe alive, and they will no doubt pull in a huge number of new fans, given how popular this genre of game is right now.
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