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    I'm really not sure how this forum works and I'm sorry that I didn't really care to read the rules either.
    I just meant to share something with Square Enix and maybe other players, just for the sake of doing so.

    Don't worry, it's about the game!

    About twelve years ago, in the year 2000, I had this PSone and had recently bought Chrono Cross
    I am not american, I'm from Brazil and by then I had a REALLY hard time trying to understand things in the game
    Not really because of the complex plot or anything, but my english was even worse then (heh)
    Still, I played on and I was sure I understood the decision I had to make whether or not help Kid, for example.
    It gave me the needed "thrust" to start learning english. I used to play with that big, old dictionary by my side to read
    every single speech.

    Well, by the start of 2001, we went off for lunch and when we got back, our house was stolen.
    I roamed around the messy house to find my PSone wasn't there.
    It may sound like I'm lying, but I really felt angry about the burglar, not because of the PSone, but because of my Chrono Cross copy
    and the memory card !
    I was 10 back then and I was that always-pissed-off kid, and when I noticed that, I sat in the sidewalk and cried.
    Altough we had some insurance, my father chose to buy a PS2 and he bought me some other titles back then, so I never managed to finish
    Chrono Cross.

    Eventually, in 2012, I borrowed a PSone, bought an used Chrono Cross copy and a Memory Card and beat the game to the good ending
    (unfortunately, had to do so with a walkthrough tough, I don't have as much time I did before *sigh*.. And also, just so you know, I paid more in this used copy than an original PS2 title costs nowadays in my country).

    Now, I'm also the kind of guy who starts something and eventually quits or gives up, but I felt awesome for being able to finish something I started almost 12 years ago.

    I just wanted to tell you that this game meant a lot to me. And I am really sure it meant and still means the same or more to other people.

    If by any means Square has any less of an intention of releasing a new game, I reinforce it is a good idea to do so.
    If you think (for any reason) that Chrono Cross was replaced by Final Fantasy, you are wrong.
    Altough I like FF too, I never felt such empaty for this franchise than I do to the Chrono Series.
    Please, don't leave Chrono Cross/Chrono Trigger behind.

    I know there are a lot of people saying so, and I'm likely just one more, but I just wanted to give Chrono Cross the same support it gave me, participating in my growth and being still in my mind 13 years since it's release.

    Also, I don't really know how the game production works in a company like this, but I'm an advertiser and knowing one of my works caused repercussion makes me feel so good!
    I hope Masato and his team feel this too, they really deserve it. Making a game a piece of art like CC is isn't that easy.

    My congratulations to all the ones involved
    my sincere apologies for the carelessness on the rules or whatever
    and honest hopes that this game won't just die in the Square games pool


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    I support I am a fan of Latin America, and we really should revive the series.
    I put my collection from Bogota Colombia, and I invite you to join my group saga

    cordially////yo te apoyo soy fan de latinoamerica, y de verdad que deberian revivir la saga.
    pongo mi coleccion desde bogota colombia, y los invito a que se unan a mi grupo de la saga.


    Erick Gomez

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