Thread: crash when entering the theatre

crash when entering the theatre

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    crash when entering the theatre

    someone plz help, ive dont everything: updated drivers, applied patch, disabled EAX and AA and stuff, nothing seems to be working. Its exactly when i enter the theatre in first level. I really want to play but cant help plz.

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    i have the same issue and apparently no one has a solution for this. i've updated my drivers, messed with the graphics, patched the game, and i still lose everything when i get into the theatre. what is going on!? i've never had this much trouble getting a game to work, especially one that i paid full price for.

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    The demo didn't work for me, so I bought it for my PS2. After seeing the neworleans level I'm glad I did!

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    Originally Posted by The Wash
    someone plz help
    post your dxdiag info.
    - signed -

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    my basics are
    pentium 4 3.4 ghz
    ATI X600 256mb
    1.5 gigs of ram

    all my direct x things are enabled and i'm at full hardware acceleration.

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    make sure to turn the audio excelleration off in the dxdiag menu

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    well, it runs now but now the dialog is incomprehensible. anything i can do about that?

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    have you tried turning the acc. to low? it worked for me but the opera singing gets a *little* wobbly (ie: get your ear muffs out)

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