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Thread: the biggest screenshot thread in the world, ever!!!

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    the biggest screenshot thread in the world, ever!!!

    a giant thread with lots of screenshot goodness


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    ok thats enough methinks. I hope you enjoyed my screenshots, if not I hope you suffer a great misfortune

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    Red Face (Embarrassed)

    Did you take and edit all those yourself?

    Those are amazing! So atmospheric and rich.... I find it hard to pick favourites but this one really is stunning:

    As is this:


    And this one I love:

    Ha! I tried to only link to one of my favourites but couldn't. In that last one I posted, is that a next-gen variant on one of the winter outfits? I don't remember any of them having white trousers on my xbox version...
    "Those who have laboured to prepare the feast like to keep their secret; for wonder makes the words of praise louder."

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    I posted them a while ago in another forum. There are about 16 or more for each level but I just picked my favs for this thread.

    That winter outfit is the default Winter Orange outfit (not next gen)

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    here are some screenshots of lara wearing custom outfits from

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    this is one of my favourite screenshots!

    and this one!

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    these last two are by me (and the nautical swimsuit above)
    the black catsuit was by (that was one of my earlier threads before I put names on the pics!)

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    all of them are available for download at tombraiderhub!

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    Wow seriously stunning pics, could you post thumbnails though cause I am finding it really hard to look at all of those.

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    too late! sorry!

    Just let it load for a minute

    its called the biggest screenshot thread in the world for a reason!! Mwhahaha

    but thats all im going to post

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