Thread: StarTopia Rendering Error?

StarTopia Rendering Error?

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    Hey - I have a problem with StarTopia >.< The E meter doesn't display the E properly. It leaves out the right-most and bottom-most pixels in the numbers. This isn't a tremendously large problem...but it's annoying to try and translate all the numbers into our phoenecian ones...i have the latest drivers for my card (ATI 7000), and I even tried to get tomF to help me..and he's apparently stumped. anti-aliasing is off, aniso is off, and all the settings are set to default. The weird part is that this happened recently, after I had already been playing startopia for a number of weeks. I even tried uninstalling completely and reinstalling fress, but to no avail. Anyone have any idea how this problem came about, or how to fix it?

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    nvm - i managed to fix it. I DLed the newest Mesa OpenGL drivers i could find (via - fixed the problem just fine.

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    Years ago I remember my voodoo card doing the same thing once, with a similar fix - drivers.
    Startopia on a voodoo1 and a cyrix 333Mhz CPU, those were the days.

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    Why would OpenGL drivers help? StarTopia uses DirectX. You people are doing some weird things to your poor machines...


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    Weird Antonyms from
    common, conventional, customary, natural, normal, regular, standard, straight, typical, unexceptional, usual.

    I think I like being weird better...

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