Thread: Completley rediculous...

Completley rediculous...

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    Completley rediculous...

    seriously, this is really annoying me, in fact i was gonna download this game, and then thought, nah ill buy it, so i did, and all is good, and then i get the the 4th level, in the opera, and it crashes randomly when i shoot the guy iun the toilet, well it just crashes to desktop.

    WHAT THE HELL?! i pay hard earned money to play this game, and the developers HAVNT EVEN TESTED THE GAME FOR BUGS?!!?!??!?!? THEY havnt even tested the game on a load of diffrent systems?!?!? and most of all, they havnt even made a patch to fix it?!?!!? why?!?!

    this is really annoying, and it angers me that there aren't even any fixes or patches for it... patch 1.1 didnt do nothing........................:

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    Your computer doesn't like it.

    Tell me your specs.
    It may be your machine is just not compatible.
    If so, it's your fault.

    Oh, do you have the v 1.1 patch?

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    ... my PC could run this game 100x over...

    AMD FX-60 Dual core
    radeon 1900XTX
    2GB RAM

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    Ah, radeon.
    I know there is currently some issues with those cards. I'll find the details.

    Also, you catch more flies with honey than garbage.

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    It seems you do not understand that proverb.
    And IO made Hitman, not eidos.
    Eidos are the publisher.

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    But with that style, people are less willing to help you.
    You just ruin it all for those who have no problems running the game, we all get dragged down by threads like these.

    Also, is the better place to try.
    Much more active forum, with more contact with the developers.

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    But you're not a terrorist, so that shouldent affect you.

    Now, try the other hitman forum.
    But they will really come down if you go with this attitude.
    Be nice, and they'll be able to help bucketloads.
    Edit: No probs.

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    I don't see how you actually expect people to respond when all you do is being an ass. Aside from that a search would have led you to the solution as well.