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When you decide to post new thread with a technical question, make sure your specify your system hardware. To obtain detailed information about your system:

Windows Start -> Run. Type "dxdiag" (no quotes) and click "Run". When the diagnostics window finished loading, select "Save All Information" and choose a location on your hard drive. This will create DxDiag.txt with all information about your system. Please include the contents of that file in your post.

Hitman Bloodmoney System Requirements

The minimum system requirements are as follows:

OPERATING SYSTEM: Microsoft Windows 2000/ Microsoft Windows XP (admin rights required) 95/98/ME/NT not supported.
CPU: Pentium 4 1.5GHz or Athlon XP equivalent
RAM: 512MB system Memory
GRAPHICS: Direct3D 9 compliant cards supporting pixel shader 2.0 (nVidia GeForce FX or ATi Radeon 9500)
SOUND: Direct X compatible sound card
HARD DRIVE: 5GB Free Space
INPUT DEVICES: Keyboard and mouse

The recommended system requirements are as follows:

OPERATING SYSTEM: Microsoft Windows 2000/ Microsoft Windows XP (admin rights required) 95/98/ME/NT not supported.
CPU: Pentium 4 2.4GHz or Athlon XP/64bit Equivalent
RAM: 1GB system Memory
GRAPHICS: ATI X800 series, nVidia GeForce 6800 series, or higher video card
SOUND: Direct X compatible sound card
INPUT DEVICES: Keyboard and 3 button mouse

Windows Vista

Please keep in mind that Windows Vista is officially unsupported, however, the game has been reported to run in Vista with various degree of success/stability. If you're planning to play HBM in Windows Vista, please ensure that you have administrative rights and run the game in Windows XP compatibility mode. It's also recommended that you DO NOT install the 1.2 patch, because many users have reported that it increases instability.

If you are unsure about hardware in your system being capable of running HMBM, you can go to the following site: and follow the instructions. Please note that minimum requirements means that it will run the game but don’t expect full AA, AS or other top of the line graphic effects. Additionally you can also give the demo (759 MB) (demo patch here) a try to see how it runs on your system before you go out and purchase the game.


About 90% of all issues are caused by outdated drivers and failure to install new ones properly. Ensure that you have latest ones.

Video card Drivers

For nVidia video cards:

For Ati video cards:

Additionally, sometimes video card manufacturers (ie: XFX, eVGA, Club3d) release custom drivers that work better with their cards. These can be found on their websites.

Sound Card Drivers

It's extremely important to update your sound card drivers as well, especially if you have onboard sound such as RealTek. Please visit the website of your sound card manufacturer and download the latest drivers.

Important: It is very important to uninstall old drivers first before installing new ones. Please do not install new drivers over the old ones. Tools like Driver Cleaner will help you rid of the old drivers.


Hitman Bloodmoney requires April's build of DirectX 9.0c. Please keep in mind that although you may already have DirecX 9.0c, it doesn't mean you have the latest release. You can get the latest build from here:

Optimizing your system

Another important thing is that you need to make sure you have a healthy system, do a defragmention/scandisk before installing your game. It is also important to make sure you don’t have spyware or viruses running in the background as this can also generate a variety of issues. If you use Hitman Pro (free utility) you should be safe from spyware. Mcafee has a free scan page for viruses.

Ok from this point we are going to assume that you have a clean setup, have all the latest drivers and meet the minimum requirements but are still experiencing some issues.

Retail Patch Version 1.2

Update: the known issue with the v1.2 patch is that it increases brightness in the first person view. If that happens to you, first, try disabling post-filter effects. Some people have also suggested that alt-tabbing to desktop and back to the game fixes it. Therefore, it's (unofficially) recommended to ONLY install this patch if you experience problems/lags/crashes with the game, or if you have gForce FX card. Otherwise, please try the 1.1 patch first. Eidos does not distribute earlier patches any more, but it can still be found in various places like

Also, please note that the 1.2 patch removes cheating menu from the game.

Troubleshooting FAQ

Installation Problems
  • When I try to run the game, my cursor turns into a CD spinning and then nothing happens, or a message appears saying,"Original disc could not be found or authenticated".
    There are several possible solutions.
    • This problem may occur if you are running cd/dvd drive emulation software such as Daemon Tools, Alcohol, etc. Uninstall those.
    • If the problem still persists, toggling transfer mode for the IDE channel might fix it. In order to do this, you need to know what IDE channel your DVD drive is using (primary or secondary) and whether it's a master (Device 0) or Slave (Device 1). Consult this article on how to change the transfer mode. If your drive is already using DMA, try changing it to PIO and vice versa.
    • If the above didn't help, Keyser Soze (, suggests reinstalling your dvd-drive drivers. From desktop, right click on "My Computer", select "Properties". Click "Hardware" tab and then "Device Manager". In the following window, expand "Disk Drives", right click on your DVD drive and select "Uninstall". Let Windows reboot. It will find new hardware and re-install drivers for it.
    • Finally, if nothing helps, create Securom analysis and e-mail it to Securom for investigation. Read about how to do it here.

  • HMBM Setup gives me -5003 error.
    Before running setup, ensure you have Administrator priviliges on your pc and that Anti-Virus and Firewall software are disabled. If that doesn't help, please open Windows Explorer. If "C" is your system hard drive, go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\. Locate "InstallShield" directory and rename it to "Old_InstallShield". Try running setup now.

Launching the game
  • When I launch the game (or the demo), I get the error about missing "d3dx9_27.dll" file.
    Please ensure you have the very latest DirectX version. Check DirectX section above.

  • When I launch the game, I get the error about missing "MSVCR71.dll" file.
    Click here for information about where to get and how to install this file.

Instability and crashes

Make sure your video card meets minimum system requirements and supports ShaderModel 2.0.

  • When I start the game, I see red loading bar and then it crashes to desktop.
    The following possible solution was submitted by joshcomic from
    Originally Posted by joshcomic
    I found that setting Data Execution Prevention in Windows XP to "Turn on DEP for essential Windows Programs and Services Only" fixed both of these problems. The game consistently starts and loads normally now. I haven't exerienced any other crash issues since making this change. This is how it works:

    Right click on My Computer and Select Properties. Click on the Advanced tab, and then, under Performance, Click the Settings button. You'll see three tabs: Visual Effects, Advanced, and Data Execution Prevention. Click the DEP tab. Then click the topmost option, which is "Turn on DEP for essential Windows Programs and Services Only." Reboot the computer and give the game a shot.
  • After installing patch 1.1 my game crashes after first tutorial level.
  • After installing patch 1.1 my game profile is gone.
    These issues occur only if you also installed no-cd crack for version 1.1. Please remove the crack.

  • The game crashes on "Curtains Down" level.
  • I get a "pure virtual call" error when trying to run/play the game.
    Try lowering your sound hardware acceleration.

  • The game crashes on "You better watch out level" level.
    Make sure you don't have any no-cd cracks installed or dvd-drive emulation software.

  • I get BSOD (blue screen of death) and it says something about nv4_disp being stuck in infinite loop.
  • I get BSOD and it mentions "ati2dvag.dll".
    Make sure you update your display drivers. Refer to "Drivers" section above.
    For nVidia cards: if driver update doesn't solve the problem, you can try this possible fix.

  • I get BSOD and it mentions "BAD_POOL_HEADER" or "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL".
    This is error is extremely difficult to troubleshoot because it can originate from virtually any device in your pc and be caused by anything starting with hardware conflicts to corrupt drivers. If this is the first time you see this error, the most likely cause is sound or video drivers. Please, uninstall and reinstall them. Refer to "Drivers" section above for more info. Also make sure there are no unnecessary 3rd party services, p2p file sharing programs, messanging software are running in the background.

  • Usually I can play fine but after some time I start seeing artifacts (weird dots, lines) and sometimes pc freezes/crashes/reboots.
    This is more likely caused by video card overheating or mulfunctioning. If your card is overclocked, restore it to the factory speeds. Make sure your video card gets enough power: that you have sufficiently powerful PSU (power supply unit) and that the card is properly connected to it (if required). Ensure that your card is not covered with dust. Check if card's fan is functioning properly and if the card is being sufficiently cooled. If you purchased your video card just recently, there is a possibuility your card is defect. Consult your video card's manufacturer's website if there are any drivers (BIOS updates) available.

  • My pc suddenly restarts by itself, I don't even know what the error is.
    To prevent Windows from automatically rebooting, do the following:
    1. From the desktop right click on My Computer.
    2. Click the Properties option.
    3. In the System Properties window click the Advanced tab.
    4. In Advanced click the Settings button under Startup and Recovery.
    5. In the Startup and Recovery window uncheck the Automatically restart check box.
    6. Click Ok.

Performance Issues

  • My system meets/exceeds recommended system requirements, but I have mouse lag.
    Disable all the effects in the game. No postfilter, low shadows, no AA and AF.
    Usually mouse lags are caused by some of those features. If it doesn't lag after you've disabled them, start enabling them one by one to find what might be causing the problem.

    If it still lags try lowering your Sound Hardware Acceleration:

    (1) Select Run from the START Menu.
    (2) Type 'dxdiag' (without the quotes) in to the dialog box and press enter.
    (3) Select the Sound tab
    (4) Move the "Hardware Sound Acceleration Level" slider to the left to disable Full Acceleration.
    (5) Select Exit

  • I have two nVidia video cards in SLI configuration. After applying patch 1.1 the game actually runs worse than before.
    Please go to Hitman Blood Money root directory (directory where you installed the game) and locate HitmanBloodMoney.ini. Open this file in Notepad. Add "enablesli" (no quotes) at the end and save the file.

  • I have GeForce FX xxxx, the game runs horribly (lags, crashes)
    Download patch 1.2 and select shadermodel 1 using configure.exe

Gameplay Issues
  • My savegames have disappeared after I restarted the game?
    Unfortunately, that's how the save system in HBM works. Your progress is only saved per mission. In other words, all saves that you make during a mission will be lost once you restart the game.

    If you're planning to exit the game -- for example, in the middle of a mission -- and want to keep your saved game, you may attempt the following workaround:
    • Save your game.
    • Pause the game (ESC)
    • Press Alt+Tab to switch to Windows Desktop
    • In Windows Exlorer, locate the directory:
      C:\Documents and Settings\{windows user}\My Documents\Hitman Blood Money\{profile name}\
    • Copy savegame files (i.e. all files in that directory except and settings.dat)
    • Paste the files to a different location (i.e. c:\)
    • Alt+Tab back to the game. You can exit the game now.

    To restore your progress when restarting the game:
    • Start the game and restart the mission you were playing.
    • Save your game (it doesn't matter where)
    • Pause the game (ESC)
    • Press Alt+Tab to switch to Windows Desktop
    • Locate the directory where you copied the original savegame files and place them back into:
      C:\Documents and Settings\{windows user}\My Documents\Hitman Blood Money\{profile name}\
      You may be asked to overwrite some files, select OK.
    • Alt-tab back to the game, and resume the game.
    • Now, hit ESC and Load Game. You should be able to load your old save.

Miscellaneous Tips and Tweaks

The following tweaks, tips and fixes have been submitted by various members here as well as They belong in a category "shot in the dark" meaning that they might improve performance or fix problems for you, but they also may do nothing. Use at your own risk.

  • NVIDIA card Coolbits tweak
    (obviously only for nVidia cards)
    1. Download and install the latest NVIDIA ForceWare drivers.
    2. Download and install the "Coolbits" registry tweak:
    (To install, unzip then double-click the .reg file to apply the registry mod)
    3. Go to Control Panel -> Display -> Settings tab -> Advanced -> GeForce XXXX (your card model)
    4. Expand "Performance & Quality Settings"
    5. Click on "Additional Direct3D Settings"
    6. Change "Max Frames to render ahead" from 3 to 0.
    7. Click "Apply" then "OK" to exit the settings page.

  • Lower or disable Sound Hardware Acceleration
    Start Menu -> Run -> Dxdiag -> Sound Tab -> Move the ticker all the way to the left.

  • Disable Intel's HyperThreading technology
    This can be done in system BIOS. HT has been repeatedly causing instability in many games.

  • Deactiave xFire software
    Several users have reported that this fixed game crashes.

If there is something I missed or mistyped feel free to PM me so I can adjust or add it to the FAQ. Thanks to Xcom and everyone else who posted solutions in the forum.