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Thread: Hitman wishlist

Hitman wishlist

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    1.More weapons. Like you can choose knives,screwdrivers etc in your brief.
    2.More missions. I know it's hard to come up with new missions but still fans will be happy if they'll do it.
    3.More movements. Like more combat that you can kill anyone with your fists.

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    same here.i wanted 2 see the toaster level.

    i wanted to see the toaster part too.hitman absolution should be one step further than blood money

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    It would be cool to see more snipers rifles in a game and tasks that deals with this topic. Another interesting thought is to develop idea of doing the job by weapons you discover by yourself in a mission process. Personally me, I tried to finish a mission for several times by using different methods of eliminating the target.

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    They need to make a shirt that says, "Agent 47". Or something for us 47 fans. I think that'd be cool.

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    What also could be cool if we could or better to say 47 could get more Missions from "ONLINE DOWNLOAD" until the following Hitman sequence is comingmaybe some editor could be cool and then you will see some contests and the greatest missions get avalable as downloads from ingame.

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    Adding new moves could be nice .

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