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Hitman wishlist

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    Question Really!

    It seems some interesting things about Silent Assassin didn't live to see Bloodmoney. In St. Petersburg it was a real challange to hit the targets in the park from the tower beyond the bridge, probably half a mile away. You would shoot the first and the other one would run to his car like a bloody cheetah and escape (nobody escapes in Bloodmoney it makes no sense) - but I got the sucker through the door when he was getting in!
    Remeber the Sheik in the limo and the 50 cal sniper rifle? That was a sniper's challange! What I did was not try to aim that dancing barrel (why can't 47 prone? shooting that kind of gun from a crouch should have thrown him off the roof like a piece of sh--. I mean, guys have dislocated their shoulders firing a Barrett because their body was not properly alighned on the ground!) I waited in an alley for that split second when his car passess in front of me and shot him through the side window.
    Now in Bloodmoney, don't waste your bloody money upgrading your sniper rifle. You can make any shot just as well with the Baller after you get the magnum ammo and long scope.
    Another thing that was better in Silent Assasssin: the more trained guards, like the Ninjas, when they passed through a door, would throw a glance to the right and to the left - they didn't act like victims.
    Something funny that could be added to the game: when you sneak up on someone and they turn around, they should get startled. Imagine how much fun it could be scarring people, like it is in real life! Women would scream, tough guys would push you, smart people would keep an eye on you from that moment on and stay away from you, or tell the guards to check your ID - again, in Silent Assassin, the Ninjas would check your ID.

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    Lightbulb The art of Game.

    Hitherto, Hitman was the game where you got to see through the eyes of an emotionally-handicapped, even retarded sociopath clone: Vinnie Sinistra was nothing to you but a meat-puppet that walks from the TV room to the bedroom and back. Angelina Mason was nothing but a chicken that always ends up standing at the same spot under a hanging piano (come on!). De Havilland is just a life-like prop that’s waiting to be pushed from the balcony. Face it, this way does not lead to true gaming art.
    A lot of us are writing long lists of technical specifics that could be improved in this game, but that's all secondary. What makes a game great, sometimes even more than the intellectual and neural challenge, is the emotional impact of the situation it simulates.
    Now the overall plot in BM was moving, especially the bloody Romeo and Juliet ending where your only mission is to “leave no witnesses”. That gave you the FEEL of being a hero: 47’s fragility and helplessness against fate were shown, but he rose up to what seemed to be a fatal occasion and triumphed ruthlessly.
    What the developers should do, is write subplots for every level, a series of events, a drama that would unfold with your targets as the main characters and you the surprising dark twist. This way, the game would consist more of seizing windows of oppurtunity, and less of observing an NPCs action and waiting for him to repeat it in exactly the same way.
    Maybe Vinnie loves his wife from his very heart and doesn’t know that she’s cheating on him with the pool-man. Maybe 47 can open his eyes to that fact in some way. The couple would have an emotional argument, with Vinnie the snitch suddenly displaying all the admirable qualities of a passionate and lofty Italian heart. He loves his wife, but he wants to kill her. He wants to be alone and locks himself in his room. Overcome with emotion, he begins to cry. The assassin comes out of the shadows and puts an end to his misery.
    Maybe Angelina and Raymond are having a romantic conversation on the radio, not just teasing each other. Suddenly, Angelina doesn’t respond. Raymond starts to worry. He runs to the place where she said she is, finds her body, cries “Nooooooo!...”
    With every scenario, many aspects of the greatness and baseness of human being can be magnified, before 47 appears with this terrible moral: whether you are good or bad, whether a great man or a weakling, whatever may be the edifice of pleasures and beauty that you have chosen, a hotel, a mansion, a house in the suburbs – no law of nature exists that says you DESERVE to live!

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    Real killers

    To make 47 cooler, IO also need to change the weapon carrying system. No more submachinegun collections in breast pockets. Wearing a suit or jacket, some bodyguards keep one submachinegun hanging under their right armpit.
    Storing the long guns somewhere in the map made them useless to accomplishing the mission unless you intended to kill every last guard on the map. They should be carried in a bag. Then, one of the challenges would be getting the bag into the building where your target is without anyone checking it. As soon as you reach the conference room where the target is giving a speech, you pull it out, riddle the podium with 7.62 and throw a grenade for good measure. The game gives you the option of doing it Rambo, so why not make it interesting. A lot of crime-related assassinations these days are done using long weapons.
    This course of action should result not in a barbarian charge by the security forces, but in their surrounding of the area. Your next challenge would be to escape and evade through a preplanned route without meeting the entire force before they can block all the ways out. Wait long enough, and SWAT teams will report to the scene.
    ALSO, people should always be leaving and entering the map in cars or on foot. An invisible barrier that stops only you from leaving is strange, but its much better than the road blocks the crowd in A Murder of Crows kept bumping into like sheep.
    By the way, that was the best level, because there was an element of randomization in it, albeit small.
    Returning to the protagonist, one of the things that undermine the power of 47's character is his childrish dependance on the Agency. They tell him when to strike and where, which is why that dupe always walks into a trap at the later stages of every game! Such complascency and lack of professionalism can only be compared to Vincent accepting the mission impossible of eliminating five targets in a single night in Collateral.

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    For the developers

    I wonder if the developers have read Hitman: A Guide for the Independant Contractor and the CIA Study of Assassination. These should be the theoretical foundation of the series and a well of ideas for fun scenerios.

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    longer game

    Make it longer! IMO, blood money was too short of a game. I beat it in a couple days.

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    ight dis is my idea first of all put some better in fightin moves uppercuts,chincheks,elbowing,getting their head and smashing it on yo knee,and when they are on the ground start bomin the out of them in da head and let people come to you (if yo in a guard suit) and tell you happened and let hitman tell on the guards if you saw somebody dead so you can be less suspicious and put a level on a plane foe once never seen a mission like dat before even better yet make it those huge planes that have a room for ever single passenger I think they are called jumbo planes sometin like dat oh and if yo in a cop,guard,security suit you should be able to drag bodys wit out dem shootin at ya and put more levels in it its a badass game but it seems like you beat the game to fast and give him armor and put in grenades,rocketlaunchers,flamethrowers,cocktails,brassknukles,and a chainsaw also give him a hot girl that is always in the level for help order her around make her distract guards by poppin her tits out make her kill certain people why you kill the rest and let him smoke weed so he can see colors and things hell there gonna do that for the new grand theft auto and put some more cheats in there

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    I'd like to see more diverse missions ... like all over the world ... China, France, Alaska(lol), Australia etc. And the suit changeing system could use some improvements ... i mean it's so unreal to change suits so fast (2-3 seconds) .. i think a more realistic aproach to it (taking ~10 seconds, with taking clothes OFF and puting the new ones ON) would be a

    Btw, can't wait for Hitman V OMGOMG

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    Here are some ideas for 5. Some might be repeats. Sorry if so.

    - A level in a jail? There could be solitary confinement or something. I don’t know.

    - For customizable weapons, make all accessories available at beginning, and maybe add a bipod mount for guns, like the sniper in 2.

    - Like in many racing games, make multiple hits in one city/map, with different boundaries/ time of year

    - After making hitman 5, make $5 - $10 single missions so all us super fans out there will not have to wait as long for the next game to come out.

    - The tazer gun in levels like flatline had so many possibilities, so why can’t we take our melee weapons back to the hideout, like in hitman 2?

    - Maybe add an airplane/ airport feature so that 47 has to smuggle all his weapons through security (and maybe have a run in with another assassin?) in order to access other countries.

    - Maybe add that 47 can drive (his car only, don't make hitman to San Andreas-y).

    - As well as having weapons that can be taken back to the hideout, why not be able to store clothes in agency crates. If you are worrying about players killing a cop and taking his outfit to other levels so the player can access secure areas easily, have police/ government officials wear different clothes in different countries/ cities

    - Maybe add a blood spill clean up kit/ sewing kit to fix up clothes or surroundings that are bloody or ripped to 47's inventory

    - Instead of just the air rifle with tranquilizer darts (found in "New Life" mission), have a tranquilizer pistol, maybe with a clip.

    - Be able to bar doors with furniture/ chairs under handle

    You think I’m done, but wait! There’s more!

    - When there is a run in with an assassin, instead of a shoot-out, have both 47 and the enemy assassin wanting to kill each other, each the others target, each wants to eliminate the other silently. This would be hard to pull off, but possible if the arena/ level had many secret passages, giving the NPC assassin a fair chance at killing 47.

    - Maybe have a drug that makes people lose memory of the past few minutes, so hitman could interrogate them (getting the same kind or information that buying info would, and then drug him/her so they wouldn't remember.


    - I kind of like hitman’s white suit in the last level maybe it should be a chooseable article of clothing, or unlock it when game is beaten

    - In 5, if hitman is working for Diana still, you guys in the plot department better give him a very good reason to; she killed him (and revive him, true, but still)


    -Add a "blend in with crowd" action feature. Actions like sitting down, reading, dancing (yes i do know about the Easter egg in the Murder of the crows mission) eating, and drinking, instead of just standing around would be cool.

    -i love the addition of all the actions hitman can now perform, but may add, instead of just a wall hug, cliff shimmy, add a hold onto an edge and hand over hand it across the same kind of space

    - i know that many players of this series, including me, play it for the SA ranking, so all the guns i collect are useless. I don’t know how, but it would be cool if there could be a feature of the game that ACTUALY USED THEM!!!

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    Hitman 5 stuff

    A few more things for Hitman 5

    - The rifle suitcase idea in blood money (for teh FN2000) was a cool idea, but 47 should be able to take that with him to the hideout. Also, it should be able to hold all weapons, not just the select few.

    - All weapons should be costomizeable, not just the five. Think about that, a double silenced FN2000 - that would be the BOMB!

    - Also, why did you take the carbomb out of contracts and blood money? blowing up that car in the park level in Hitman 2 Silent Assassin was classic. When i first did the casino level in Blood money, i was hoping, seeing the car, that i could car bomb it.

    - If there is a slot machine in hitman 5, like ther was in "A House of Cards", you should be able to play it with the money in your account.

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    Is it just me?,, it have been fun if there was a Multiplayer Coop or somthing to the Hitman games?

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    There are 2 things I REALLY want to see in hitman V:

    1. Realistic death sequences. if you shoot your targets in their stomach, that they scream of pain and really fall down, but they still scream for guards, or if you shoot someone in the leg, that you can be sure he goes nowhere.
    or if you knife someone in their neck, that they are on the ground bleeding to death... because in hitman BM and the others, it was a direct death, or they acted like nothing happend when you shot them and they ran away...

    2. I want that you can blame someone else for the murder. Like an objective:
    Blame the husband for the murder on his wife, then you have to make sure that you put blood on one of his clothes, or putting something from him next to the body, that would be great!!!

    what do you think of it?

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    I found the control system in Blood Money to be the best so far. I also really liked the idea of the “accident” system. However, there are a few things I’d like to see.

    1. Expand the “Buy info” option to include USEFUL info. For example, instead of being told “toolboxes can be useful” how about something like “Mr Smith only drinks Dom Perrignon.”

    2. As well as buying information, how about being able to buy prep work, such as smuggling in weapons, (I have a hard time believing the agency would charge you $5000 to return your suit, a relatively simple task, yet it would happily smuggle an assault rifle into a secure location pro-bono) and even, perhaps, bribing employees at the location. (Wouldn’t it be cool if you could convince someone to leave the side door unlocked, leave a disguise, or perhaps even throw a sickie so you have fewer guards to deal with?)

    3. I loved the idea of the newspaper, so expand that slightly. It seemed to acknowledge people’s deaths as assassinations even if you did set up an “accident”. How about sorting that out?

    4. More opportunities to get away with “extra” cash. Loved the idea of levels with additional “optional” targets that could net you a bonus, and I loved the idea of nicking the payment for an illicit deal to line your pockets with. (You’ve killed the scumbag, may as well rob him too!)

    5. I know it’s been mentioned before, but how about only allowing 47 to take clothes from people who have been sedated or killed in a fashion that wouldn’t leave them full of holes, or covered in blood? Seems strange you can empty an assault rifle into someone, nick their clothes, then walk past guards without them noticing something’s odd. (Perhaps 47 should become a dry-cleaner. He seems to clean and repair clothes faster than any laundrette I’ve ever been to.)

    6. Better AI for guards. Mainly to get rid of that “Turn the guard round” glitch. If someone’s been told to watch a client or an object, I can understand him turning to look at someone getting too close for comfort, but why doesn’t he return to his usual position/route when he realises they’re no threat?

    7. A sensible attitude to running from the guards. If you’re a civilian, who cares if you’re running in a public place? If you’re a pizza boy carrying a pizza, hey, who likes cold pizza? And if an alert’s been sounded, everyone’s running around in a blind panic. In other words, if you have a reason to run, or even don’t have a reason NOT to run, why should it raise suspicion?

    8. Again it’s been said before, but why can’t guards suspect someone else? I liked the bit in Ammendment XXV that you could get another person caught with YOUR gun! Would also be interesting to get the heat off if you could frame someone else for the hit and watch as the cops gun HIM down. (I can see the newspaper headline, “Assassin killed by police.”)

    9. More “re-visited” levels. As a console player, I missed out on Codename: 47 and enjoyed the re-visits in contracts. How about the next game being an “anthology” with a mix of old missions interspersed with new ones, perhaps with a story spanning more than one disc. As well as the CN47 missions, I know there’s a few from SA and Contracts I’d like to try again with the updated control system.

    10. Like the last two games, NO MORE TRANSITION LEVELS! It annoyed me playing missions with no target like Graveyard shift. I’m a hitman, not a travel agent! I could really have lived without playing two whole missions just to get to Hayamoto’s damn castle.

    11. Be sensible about how many pistols one can carry in a jacket without arousing suspicion. Perhaps one large pistol, (Micro Uzi, Desert Eagle or any silenced pistol) in the inside pocket and one small pistol (snub nose or smaller) in each front pocket. Also, Don't mean to be a killjoy, but no WAY you can fit an MP5 or a Sawn-off inside a suit jacket without arousing suspicion. Perhaps a feature could be that carrying excess arsenal ruins the line of the suit, and guards can become suspicious (The Walther PPK was popular for that exact reason).

    12. On a similar note, allow 47 to choose the outfit he arrives at the level in. I know he likes the suit, but come ON, he'd stand out like a sore thumb at a Megadeth gig. Also, perhaps each outfit could have different carrying capacities. e.g. an outfit with a greatcoat, such as a Russian Soldier uniform, could easily conceal a Sawn-off or MP5, while a police uniform without a jacket, could only carry one pistol, (in the holster) without rousing suspicion.

    13. More levels based on real buildings, e.g. Buckingham Palace

    14. The Law of the land coming into effect. e.g. carrying a gun openly in Texas is a normal thing, permitted by the law. The same behaviour in London is a good way to find yourself introduced to the Police Armed Response Unit.

    15. Loved the Mardi Gras level in Blood Money. How about more levels in a public environment, such as having to waste someone at a football game, or a concert. How about wasting a politician during a public press conference. Then you'd have to quite literally stop yourself being broadcast to every television set on the planet, LIVE.

    16. Lastly, PLEASE bring back the ability to take melee weapons from levels into your armoury for future use.

    Any comments?

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    Thanks to all developers of this great hit! I guess it is the most powerfull game I h

    Thanks to all developers of this great hit! I guess it is the most powerfull game I have ever played

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    In the next HITMAN...the BEST wish amongst all~~~wishes

    Amongst all things maybe added in the next HITMAN game, I think I would love to have the Recordable Replay feature like the car racing games. So that we can see for ourselves how we did in the missions!!!

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    just one more thing~

    GREAT...!!! I hope this would really be an added feature in the next tell you the truth, HITMAN has got to be rank one of my best ever played game (blood money's the greatest....a bit short though).....I love the games where there's not necessarily just the ONE WAY of completing the task........and being a HITMAN, it's like there isn't even words to describe the feelings where you complete the level making no trace...nothing.....but a GHOST each and every time!! (Oh, the newspaper bit gotta improve, it's always the same some what~) Can't wait to play the next...ALL and IMPROVED Hitman game.....!!!

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    Cool Just one more other thing~

    Just one more thing....

    You know, HITMAN really brings out the ""darkest side"" of all people who played it.....and that's exactly why it's SO GREAT!!!! Just to do the way you've always wanted.....I think if this SAVING THE REPLY feature's really added in the next HITMAN game, YOUTUBE maybe overloading with posts!! But what really is interesting is that you can tell how and what that person who played the level's REALLY like on the INSIDE~~~

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    personally, something else that would great for the next Hitman is if you could buy new outfits, such an FBI or Cop outfit and already come dressed for the mission.
    And one of the missions must definitely take place at an airport!

    people have said this already, but keeping melee weapons is a must

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    Just like to say how pleased i am with the game. Its totally awesome although as some people mentioned there are certain things that could be improved. I love the fact that there are numerous ways to complete your mission.

    The one thing i want for the next Hitman is moddabily and a map editor. If that is not possible (or in your interest) then i think you should design more maps after release and sell them as download only options. This could be done for Blood Money and i know they would be highly appreciated.

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    Originally Posted by ltolman
    4.) Contined from 2 posts above......More intuitive ways to kill. I just completed the Las Vegas Mission (Casino) and ended up grabbing the diamond briefcase, I noticed there was a way to hide a mine inside of it; now if I could've gotten closer to the target I wanted, I couldve dropped the briefcase, stepped away and then blown them all to kingdom come....thus I'm saying; have more empty briefcases laying around in the game, that way we can suit up; hide a mine inside of it, drop the briefcase next to our target, step away and BLAM all dead
    haha, when I did that mission I got a briefcase put a mine in it, and threw it over the wall into the little section that Shiek guy was sitting in.


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    Yo. More suggestions and stuff

    -make a map editor. that would be sick, and don't even try to argue with me about that. now, some of you might think, "well we cant make cinematics or do speech for the characters, but so what, wouldnt it be awsome to make a good level and then email it to eidos to be reviewed and possibly used? Obviously, they would add the voice n' stuff.

    -Also, yes i saw this above, but I wanted to say it again. Have hitman be able to choose which hits he makes out of a list of 3-5.

    -be able to approach each mission from different angles, instead of saying that all the other roads were blocked off by a battalion of US army tanks. This way, the player can look at a simple map (without guards) before arriving at the location, and say, "which side do I want to approach this hit from?"


    -Have a mission that spans multiple locations, like a mission in a bay, where to get to certain areas, it is needed to either boat across the cove, or run/ride on a bus along the beach.

    -when i beat missions SA, i get loads of cash, and spend it on upgrading my guns (wtf? who needs guns?). I should be able to buy... CLOTHING! Right now I'm starting each mission with like 10000000 ing dollars and my cool but and useless suit.

    -hitman should be able to feed a loop into security cameras and then walk by them without ing getting "recorded by CCTV"

    -Any comments?

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    a sniper missions pack

    I couldn't find ANY game to seriously pick up the glove of sniper missions.
    why not make a set of missions to address sniper skills.
    i also expect the weapons to be more complex regarding sights and sharp-shooting. in long distance make wind a factor, and move grass and leaves in the target area accordingly.
    let 47 buy more stuff in order to blend in (clothes??!) and provide him proper intel so he can make use of the clothes he has (or stolen during previous missions).
    also, i didn't find any real use to the weapons i got during the missions. wouldn't it be nice to give 47 something that he can actually USE?!!
    as you probably guessed, I'm a fan of sharp-shooting so the Baller and a sniper rifle are all i need or want, but i didn't have a chance to use the sniper rifle and where i did it was ridiculously too easy or simply unnecessary, not to mention the missions where you had no use for carrying the damn suitcase in the first place.

    anyway - sniper missions. what do you say? (pleeease??)

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    I wish for....

    1. Stay with great ragdoll.
    2. Louder guns.
    3. Better first-person graphics.
    4. Execute when holding hostage (option).
    5. Can't see in teh dark that well.

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    hitman hitman hitman

    1.keep with hitman (the best games)
    2.more wepons that are fun to use trip wire gun
    3.wepons that are odd
    4.more places to place bombs
    5.beable to get in funny clothing

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    Here's my idea, which I think could really add a lot more game-time to this series. In the next installment of Hitman, Eidos would do well to strongly consider a multi-player component. I don't just mean death-match or something crude and simple like that, I mean a well thought out sophisticated game-mode that forced players to think and act their parts.

    An interesting multi-player mode would be Rival Assassins.

    Up to four players can be in the game, and they take place in levels specifically designed for multi-player, rather than regurgitated single-player missions.

    The goal would be, who can take out the target(s) first and get away with it alive.

    The assassins would not know what their rivals look like, as the faces and clothing will be completely random. To add to this challenge, the target's location would be completely random in relatively large levels. The map would not show you anything other than points of interest, so that you would have to find the target yourself and take him out. Hints can be spread around, such as interacting with NPC's or simply locating and following suspicious looking bodyguards.

    A server option to manipulate game-play could be whether or not other players would be alerted if the target(s) have been eliminated. Therefore, a player could kill the target, dress as him, and wait for another assassin and take him out too. However, all players would be informed when a rival assassin has been killed.

    More options could be added to include team-play, where two teams of assassins can compete against each other. Working together can have benefits such as one person causing a distracting while the other casually walks through the crowd. Also, perhaps two players in the same disguise walking together will be less prone to having their cover blown, however if they are in mis-matching disguises, it will alert NPC's all the quicker.

    In team mode, perhaps allowing players to interact with each other to either blend in with the crowd, or walk past a heavily watched doorway/entrance would be enjoyable. A simple example would be, one player dressed as a police officer can escort a second cuffed player through a security room without much suspicion. This could be useful if the target is in a prison or jail cell.

    Lastly, some good old co-op without competition would be a blast too, allowing players to play through all the single-player missions together, using aforementioned strategies and ideas to deceive NPC's, or splitting up and taking down different targets.

    These were just a few ideas I had, I thought it could be a lot of fun.

    Of course, I had some mechanics ideas too,
    -Cover System
    -More Weapons (Even if they aren't much different, gives you the feeling of variety.)
    -Non-bayonet-rushing guards/enemies.
    -Choosing handiness of weapons to help shoot around corners or to reduce recoil. (IE, Left hand, Right Hand, Two-Handed)

    Other people had good ideas too, I liked the "idle animation" idea, would work great to blend into the crowd in Rival Assassin mode.

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    more fibre wire killing styles,neck breaking,more knife killing styles,able to pull out knife after human shield able to kill the victim by shooting at head,

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