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    I want to be able to pick up and re-throw knives and such that have gotten stuck in bodies...

    Imagine completing an entire level ( the dosent involve sniping / shooting from long range) with just a knife...<3 add more MELE!

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    I want to be able to pick up and re-throw knives and such that have gotten stuck in bodies...

    Imagine completing an entire level ( the dosent involve sniping / shooting from long range) with just a knife...<3 add more MELE!
    I already gave that idea...

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    well i think they need reminders


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    No problem

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    Exclamation I which

    ....I gonna say the good things and bad about this game and then my whiches

    good - graphics are awsome, the lighting, specially on textures, the water and blood lighting effects too, were good, nice music, nice sound (like ambient, and bullet explotions), and missions were good and fun, and upgrades were also a new thing.

    Bad - Low performance on most ati video cards, is a history game, so after a while it becomes boring as , and many crashes on recently patches (1.1 and 1.2 ) specially on the playboy mansion at the christmas party, when u drop and items it crashes (on version 1.1) no much items or weapons to selects from. The low performance (if you had/have it) mostly occurs on leves where there is water, or weather effects. this game doesn't have many graphic options ... like taking out weather effects or anything like that. thet's why when u start the game.... the first level is hell lag.

    I which... the creators read my post, also I which they could make a level editor, and a patch that let you download more levels, so you will never get tired of the game,... I find thid game perfect, the only problem is the lag even if u meet all requirements (even recomended), because of their bad engine desing (I found games with same graphic and are not lag at all, 1 far example is maxpayne 2) centralize in one game instead of making games in mass (the same developers should make mods, but I also understand that time is money 4 them and they don't have the time to make a customer happy) they release a hit and is over. , however good game, need some improvment and some time, instead of taking care of hitman 5 u should try to fix hitman 4 that still a hit, and release new patches.... tnx

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    Yeah, a level editor would be an INCREDIBLE feature.

    Talk about endless replay value!

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    I have a suggestion:

    If you have enemy assassins next time (which would be cool), instead of making us get into a gunfight with them, make it more like that chick who gets you into a quiet place before killing you. Either they lure you there, or wait for you there, and then when they go to kill you (slit throat, fibre, etc.) the game goes into slow motion, and enters a preset sequence. At three points in the sequence the screen rapidly turns red, and you have to press the attack button. Miss them all, your dead. Get the first one, you live. Get the first two, you live, and take the enemy assassins weapon. Get all three, you live, take the enemy assassins weapon, and kill them with it.

    It sounded cool in my head.

    PS. If the guards find the body that the enemy assassins took thier clothes from, that should blow their cover. Its only fair!

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    Hey, i would like to ask if any Eidos\IO Intreactive employees ever watch this thread? Cuz if they take the best ideas from here it could be cooool..... Well if they dont..... , it just aint worths it

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    Hehe I just posted a subject without seeing this well here are my complaints etc:

    I beat the entire game on Expert within about 12 hours. But the game was fantastic overall, except for the below mentioned points.

    - I was able to take out every guard in a mission (though I mostly just tested this) with ease.
    - I would like to be able to lean out and fire.
    - Be able to choose knives when going into a mission, also to be able to retrieve the knife once thrown.
    - The fact that I couldn't find extra ammo for my Silverballers the enitre game kinda sucked.
    - Being able to blow up cars would be nice, it could aid in a nice diversion. - -- Dragging people is far too slow, it is always the same speed. What I mean is that if you were dragging a skinny man/woman they could be dragged a lot faster since they would be lighter than a 350 fat man/woman.
    - Fiber optic cables are the real tools of the trade for SWAT etc. I do not even remember the last time I saw a skeleton key lock, and for that matter big enough to see that much through. Or another alternative you could perhaps crack the door open a bit and use a mirror on a pole to peak with. The guards or people nearby may see this, but you would still have a warning.
    - You should be able to swing open doors fast to knock enemies out, ala Splinter Cell
    - When you are holding a person hostage, once you are finished you should be able to execute, knockout or shove them. IE: I took a hostage once and was taking out guards, then I ran out of bullets, I could not switch guns so I had to get rid of the hostage. Now, if I was able to shove them into the enemy and make them stumble it would give me a chance to find cover or take out a gun.
    - In a crowded place you should be able to take out your syringe and inject someone without notice. IE: you are walking in Mardi Gras if you inject someone into the neck with a needle obviously someone is going to notice. Now in real life you would simply walk by them stick it in them as discreetly as possible and inject it. Possibly walk behind them and just stick it into their back real quick and walk off. They are not going to know it was you unless they make eye contact. And it if was the poison they wouldn't have time to make a fuss lol.

    <<<>>> SPOILERS BELOW<<<>>>
    One mission I hid behind a limo and killed FBI agents while they walked out the door, they saw a fellow agent get killed. All they would do was crouch up and down, while I murdered all of them.
    On the casino level, I took out the shiek by putting a mine in my briefcase and then hurling it over the wall to where he was sitting. Now, it worked well and all but it was too easy, the guards should have shot me for throwing something over there.
    On the last mission I killed the agent by noticing an AI flaw. When I went near the window of the oval office (which happens to be bulletproof). He would run through the door north of him. He would then wait there until I got a certain distance away, then he would re-enter. So I placed a mine in front of that door, went back outside by the window and when he ran to the door I blew him up.
    They should strafe more, aim more precisely, find cover, keep moving for cover, attempt to flank etc.
    - Why can't guards climb ladders, or out windows to get you... are they afraid of heights lol?
    - I am not sure about this. I don't think guards or people notice you in mirrors, they should be able to.
    - Enemies and people should be able to notice shadows. IE if you are in a stairwell a few stairs above them and there is a light only shining down from above and behind you. it should cast a shadow right towards them. In real life most people (if not all) would look behind them to see who it is. This would add the need to really take out lights.

    Once I shot out a light I could see but my enemy could not, and what is up with not being able to blow out candles? I think it should be realistic realtime lighting like in Splinter Cell. Maybe give the hardcore killer some night vision goggles for purchase?

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    Why would you find .45ACP ammo, when no-one else uses it?

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    Isn't the standard pistol of the police a .45 acp ???

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    Oops, bit of a gaffe pn my part; yes, the SLP 40 uses .45 ACP ammunition, but an unmodded silverballer uses "custom ammunition", which is unavailable for obvious reasons, and can be modified to use "magnum ammo" (available on some levels) or "Low-velocity ammo" (not available).

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    You are correct. NPC's do not notice you in mirrors. I noticed this during my first time playing the game.

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    When he changes a disguise, it would be handy to have the option to carry it.

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    a more realistic behavior from cops, guards, civilians etc...(i.e. any NPC) would be really more interesting

    after all, why do all those people turn around as you go by?

    why do they keep looking at you over their shoulder? why do they all the sudden freeze and stare at you, like they were wondering "did you fart?" ?

    it's so bothering...this really ruins the "infiltration atmosphere"...

    they shouldn't pay more attention to you than to anybody, except if you start to have some strange behavior, like running everywhere and trying to access restricted areas and stuff

    and anyway, cop/security guys reactions are a little bit excessive

    when you push a cop for example, why does he grab his gun and shoot at you?

    it's stupid...he should just warn you once not to do that again, and if you keep annoying him, he should try to tie you down and handcuff you, and lock you in some room

    this could be a way to loose the mission : "you got arrested"

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    I really loved hitman blood money, i loved all of the new feats 47 can do, such as hide bodies is freezers and jump across the balconies. i think i would like to see in the next hitman some more cool moves from 47, like say in Splinter Cell 47 should be able to hide up the walls and drop on his targets or something like that.

    there was one thing i didnt like about hitman blood money, although i loved the newspaper concept after each mission it annoyed me how the police apparently suspected blood money was involved every time yet they knew nothing about what happened, also how they know exactly how many shots you've fired even if its silenced and shoot them in the sky! Otherwise i loved it!

    you should be able to carry bodies, i agree with about dragging is too slow.

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    Originally Posted by eckdeck
    I really loved hitman blood money, i loved all of the new feats 47 can do, such as hide bodies is freezers and jump across the balconies. i think i would like to see in the next hitman some more cool moves from 47, like say in Splinter Cell 47 should be able to hide up the walls and drop on his targets or something like that.

    there was one thing i didnt like about hitman blood money, although i loved the newspaper concept after each mission it annoyed me how the police apparently suspected blood money was involved every time yet they knew nothing about what happened, also how they know exactly how many shots you've fired even if its silenced and shoot them in the sky! Otherwise i loved it!

    you should be able to carry bodies, i agree with about dragging is too slow.
    Heh carriying bodies can brake your back!

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    Originally Posted by Gamer105
    Heh carriying bodies can brake your back!
    true, but im sure 47 can hack it, unless its that fat woman in the white dress, she probably would break your back!!

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    Originally Posted by eckdeck
    true, but im sure 47 can hack it, unless its that fat woman in the white dress, she probably would break your back!!
    Those body bags are funny.

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    Originally Posted by eckdeck
    I really loved hitman blood money, i loved all of the new feats 47 can do, such as hide bodies is freezers and jump across the balconies.
    Actually, jumping across balconies isn't a new feature. I'm not so sure about Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, but you could jump in Hitman: Codename 47 as well as in Hitman: Contracts.

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    Exclamation More AI

    Although the graphics and locations are great, there are many flaws in AI...

    Flaws:- Pick a lock and a guard will have trigger-happy fingers, even if you keep standing still, he will shoot you down to the ground.
    - turn out a light 3 times, and you will be shot.
    Staying too long in a Forbidden area( includes standing still)
    Then You will be shot...
    -If a person shoots you, and you don't even have a weapon in your hands, the bystanders will do nothing, even the cops and security. But, OW, when YOU grab your weapon, every single person with a gun will shoot at you.....


    - When several people get killed, the police, sec. guards will search everyone with detectors and when they find a gun, they will handcuff you and it will be mission failed.. Unless you walk/run away then they will punch or shoot...

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    In no particular order:

    1) Throw weapons and coins farther away. At the very least throw coins farther than a two year old female midget can.

    2) Lose the barcode tatoo. It's cool but pointless.

    3) No more climbing ladders / jumping over railings / etcetera with a weapon or briefcase in your hand. Throw it across first.

    4) Why do upgrades cost that much money? You can buy 40 M82A1s in real life for the price of a sniper scope in the game. Upgrades should also all be avaliable to start with. It's not like it's bleeding-edge technology that's being periodically unlocked here...

    5) More 'miscellaneous' upgrades. Why care to get more money via SA ratings if there's nothing to spend it on? Silent assassins don't use guns, ever.

    6) Have the ability to knock a person out using your hands from behind, instead of with a gun. Strangling would be good.

    7) More syringes; you can carry all the concealables in the game at once, but only 4 syringes?

    8) Give mines their namesake functionality. They DO work that way sometimes, but when this happens, they're scripted to go off. I want to be able to set the 'mine' on the wall and have it detonate itself.

    9) Mentioned above; melee weapons selectable and storable for other missions.

    10) I have two hands, why can't I carry two briefcases? Or assault rifles? Or sniper rifles (don't expect to zoom with them though)? Or dual wield normal pistols (there was nothing special about the offhand SB AFAIK)?

    11) More than one person per container; I don't care for personal space, I don't care if the person at the bottom gets crushed by 7 fat people on top; fill 'em to the brim.

    12) The ability to draw a person away from their position, such as the guard at the building entrance in ADwtD, using words, signals, perhaps disguise-specific commands. Nothing suspicious like coins.

    13) Gently place weapons on the ground. I don't want half the building to hear when I'm apparantly trying to crack the floor with my pistol.
    On that note, make it easier to control how you wire your target; too often do I get an unwanted quick kill that makes too much noise and alerts the guards; seems somewhat random at times.

    14) Connected levels, such as those in H2.

    15) Guards shouldn't be able to see what you're doing (e.g. picking locks, poisoning a bottle, rigging equipment for accident, etc.) or recognize that you're not one of them from behind you.

    16) No more auto-closing doors please.

    17) People should be able to see the laser dot between their eyes (when pointed out to them) or on the door they're heading towards (when you're aiming with dual SBs and the offhand laser is missing the head).

    18) Assassins that try to kill you without first confronting you (what's this 'passion for the theatrical' BS?).

    19) Always being instructed to 'act casual', it's sort of ironic that the best way not to get shot (at least on the Pro difficulty) is running away from guards once they notice you in a disguise.

    20) Buying intel is stupid. Intel is already avaliable, and I have to PAY to see it?! What is the point in doing that? Intel should be pre-bought from the computer before the mission, then you'd be notified of any once it becomes avaliable (i.e. at the mission's beginning).

    21) Customize the W2000's rifle case to make it more flexible and be able to carry other types of rifles as I am a weapon specialist and should be able to disassemble any sniper rifle (and other weapons; perhaps hide your SBs in the foil padded case along with your sniper rifle?). Guards should also ask you to show them the case's contents. You then won't be able to hide a W2000 from them, but mere pistols could be hidden in a secret compartment amongst the many documents in the case.

    22) How does the news writer / police know it was a lone assassin? Maybe it was a group, such as in the TMoC level? This is also a multiplayer implementation idea. Leader coordinates (with a radio, a map, familiarity with the area, binoculars, etc.), one person scouts and prepares the way for the third person, which carries out the hit.

    23) Mentioned above; please make the game for PCs first and for the general public (that is to say consoles) port it. Everybody gains. No simplifications, either; they want simple, they get a menu option such as 'simplify strangle' (of which's functionality I still am not aware, BTW). Have it on by default too, if you must.

    24) I seem to be making scraps. What happened to the 'billion USD' I was promised? This also brings up the question of what in hell do I need all this money for? Why keep doing hits? Pleasure? I'm never thinking of retirement anyway, and if I were, I'd long ago have more than enough money for anything I desired. The point in this, err, point, is this: don't start poor in the next game, no matter what ending this one has.

    25) All 'commoners' in the game are fat and ugly, everyone else seems to be working out 24/7 (if male) or anorexic with breast implants (if not). This is obviously so to attract the, *cough* general public. It's unrealistic and must stop.

    26) Targets that aren't ALL evil.

    27)More people going to restrooms; it is sometimes too easy to sedate some poor janitor doing his business and know the body's safe because you played the level several times and no one has ever went to his very position. Passerbys' walking patterns should be randomized per restart (as in SWAT 4).

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    Wasted Potential

    If some of this sounds familiar, well, go buy a clue from Diana. If the developers ARE reading this and getting bored with the same complaints -- flush out yer headgear, guys.

    By the Christmas mission I turned the volume down. Blah, blah, blah from Diana, then that guy saying "target is leaving at seven... six" every eight seconds. See the red circles? Sneak up on them and give them vaccinations. Method: see who goes where, corner the guy in the required uniform, pistol-whip him, drag the body into a nearby crate and put on his gear, then stride around like you own the place; rinse and repeat.

    Every single person on every level (except the Vaguely Icky Street Festival) stares straight at you from the moment you enter their AI zone until you leave. No wonder paranoids are cranky. It's pointless to watch out for raised eyebrows and double-takes when half the goons in every single room not only eyeball you but scratch their chins as well.

    The shotgun is useless beyond eight meters; the CEP is the exact size of one of the square bulls-eye targets in the hideout -- half the slugs land somewhere on it and half just disappear. After millions of dollars in aftermarket hardware, the M4 sprays full auto louder than a New York Dolls concert. I set my n52 to press the "trigger" for ten milliseconds, and at 20 meters, with a scope the size of an Olympic relay baton, a single shot fired at the X on the silhouette usually manages to poke a hole in its shoulder or hip. The W2000 is nice, but so is having both hands free, and 47 power-slams whatever he's holding to the deck at the first opportunity.

    Sleeping guards can hear a mouse fart, so naturally the sound of a bald dork seeing how high a loaded shotgun will bounce off a metal deck gets their attention. So does palming a snub revolver from thirty meters away in the dark. The only thing that fails to interest them is the coin, unless you bounce it off their heads.

    The only thing worse than the seasickness that comes from using a scope is the pervert-style mouth breathing 47 goes into when he looks through any kind of narrow aperture. Fortunately the "custom" scopes are as useless as the parallax-correcting lasers are invaluable. I'd rather have a bipod or a bench rest than a "silencer" that is at least realistic: every professional on the map says, "Hey, did you hear that? Someone's popping off with a silenced weapon" and runs straight at you.

    Long story short: if 47 had a Wild Kingdom-style dart gun, you could beat the game in four hours. I'm playing through it again after nipping and tucking at a few values -- actually it's the same three files repeated dozens of times. Every archive file on your drive has the exact same notoriety, level-by-level pay schedule and AI profile thrown in for good measure. The hideout only has one set, but most of the mission folders have three identical copies. Maybe THAT'S the long story short, from a random-crash point of view.

    My suggestion? "Hitman 4: Please Forgive Us." And see if you can avoid staging a pitched firefight in a church this time. I know it's an Eastern European thing, but it's really tired and old 'n' busted. Two seconds after "Eidos Presents" appeared on the splash screen, I said "That's just great, at least one mission involving mass murder on consecrated ground. What on earth is wrong with these people?"

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    Cool 47’s handicap, and what Hitman 5 must be.

    Sneaking past guards, stealthy kills and costume changes make up most of Hitman, but for someone who has played 1, 2 and 3, the fourth instalment was boring, predictable and easy even on Pro. In Hitman 5, the gameplay has to evolve: the focus should be on observation, gathering information, deception, inventiveness and being able to kill enemies fast which are smart and just as deadly as you.
    The BEST thing about the Hitman series is of course the atmosphere. The FEEL of arriving at some real location (not just a half-abandoned military base, which is really sad) and making it into your playground of violence – not because you have an M4, but because you’re sneaky, imaginative and nobody suspects what a badass you really are. The developers have to improve on these sensations, which are highly addictive.
    The PROBLEM with the game is that the NPCs are just completely unbelievable. What does it matter if their expressions change and the shading on their bodies makes them look like they have substance, if they all move back and forth from A to B like trains or stand in one place for hours?
    As artists and developers, IO can become innovators if they relax on the issue of graphics and focus on making the dynamics of the characters much more complex and unpredictable, at least giving them the appearance of living beings, and the environment the appearance of an active environment –not a robot factory! For example:

    1) More behaviors: boredom induces a person anywhere he is to do as many things as he can in a random order, explore every part of his location and talk to people around him. The technology exists to make this so.
    2) Combat realism:
    a) When one guard gets shot, the others should take cover first, then start looking around for the shooter.
    b) If they know 47 is behind a door, they should cover it, instead of rush through it and swarm him. If he is in a room, they have to surround the room and wait for the SWAT team and their grenades.
    c) When one guard calls for backup on the radio, the entire team should hear him. They should have a planned strategy for an emergency, and should always call for reinforcement and start looking everywhere for 47 while evacuating or securing the VIP.
    d) Shooting at someone causes an emotional reaction. People with pistols are easily dissuaded from facing an opponent with an M4.
    e) Policemen don’t just shoot you because you’re suspect or the metal detector has been triggered by your keychain!
    3) Competition: throughout Bloodmoney, I was always looking round my shoulder for killer Albinos. What a disappointment! Is it really that complicated to put some prowling assassins among the cops and civilians, programmed to shoot you or slit your throat if they catch you in some quiet corner? Or they should be trying to get to the target before you can. ---Once, in Silent Assassin, after killing the ambassador and escaping the embassy, I was ambushed by that KGB agent who was at the party. He actually tracked me and popped out of the corner with his pistol blazing. It happened only once.
    4) Shadows: being able to disappear in them completely isn't original, but from a distance NPCs should not be able to recognize you, take note of your face or see what you’re doing.
    5) Hand behind your back: should raise their suspicion, but they shouldn’t be able to know that you’re armed.
    6) Talking. A real hitman gets the job done by bullsh--ing folks, getting information from them, and generally making them think that something is true which is not.
    7) If you raise suspicion, guards will check your documents, not shoot you.
    8) Face it: members of gangs and security teams know each other. If they see your face up close, your clothes will not fool them. Plus, if somebody sees you dressed as the garbage man, and after ten minutes as an FBI agent…

    For internet play to be possible, they also need to make the behavior of the NPCs more versatile, so that a hitman player can blend into the crowd by mimicking them. The guards, who lose points if they shoot civilians or harass them, will be trying to discern between NPCs and assassins, who they have to arrest and search, not shoot on sight before witnesses. The guards will also be arranging search expeditions while maintaining security around the VIP, who, in turn, must perform certain tasks, like attending a party etc. Only if a shot is heard or a body is found will it be possible for the security team to put the VIP in a guarded room, making the job much harder for the hitmen. Two hitmen competing on who will get to the target faster is interesting enough though.

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    some really good arguments!

    I'd like to have more possibilities to shoot an enemy target from a greater distance than only 50 or 70. In Blood Money we were able to upgrade the W2000 extremely so if you like to sniper the movement of the scope was absolutely calm when you had upgraded every special detail. So why was there no target that could be shot from over 300 or 500. In HC it was the other way round! You could shoot the captain from the bjarkov bomb at a distance about 150 but your scope was moving as it tries to run away from your target! So please IOI give me some enemies that are far far away

    It also would be amazing if 47 can do some movement like Sam Fisher e.g. with his knife! That would be great in a dangerous situation!

    sorry for grammatical failure English is not my mother language but i would be blessed if someone could tell me what I've done wrong so i will learn it the better way!

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