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Thread: Defiance Jacket

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    Defiance Jacket

    I've been away from the LoK community for a while, but at the height of my fandom (around the same time Defiance was released) I bought a leather jacket from eBay with a nice little LoK: Defiance motif on the chest.

    The jacket was in a size large and as I lost weight it no longer fit me anymore, so I had no use for it. But its a really nice jacket and I didn't want to sell it, so I stored it away and promptly forgot about it until recently, when I was clearing out my stuff and discovered it (and sparked a playthrough of Soul Reaver 2)(I swear if Raziel comments on NOTHING again I will stab my PS2).

    Anyways, it occured to me that I don't actually know anything about the said jacket. Were they released as competition prizes or was it a promotional item? Is it even official? It would be nice to know where my little jacket came from, I haven't seen any others, but a search of the forums indicated at least one other member of the forum has one, so I was hoping you guys might be able to tell me.

    Thanks in advance,

    Oh, and here are some pictures :3

    The jacket, as modelled by my sister,
    And a close up of the motif.

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    Great jacket
    I would absolutely love one of those babies, though it wouldn't really fit...

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    Hey I saw a jacket like that on e-bay too . just a couple of months a go . went for 500.00 bucks. too rich for me.

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    Hmm, could've sworn I posted here.

    I think the jacket is official, I seem to remember Chris@Crystal mentioning it back when Defiance was in production...

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    $500?! My word.

    Well its nice to hear that it seems official anyway

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    cool jacket but too bad it's not my style

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    Man, sow Legacy of Kain on a skirt and it's totally my style

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    Y'know, I could release the pattern for this. I can't remember how many stitches across it is, (my guess is 60 or 80,) but it can be used for anything that needs a gridded pattern. | |

    "It's like Shakespeare with pointless murder." -gryps incedio talking about the LOK games.

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    I don't mean that but I mean the style of the jacket itself

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