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Thread: Defiance Cut-Scene

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    Defiance Cut-Scene

    Hi to everyone, this is my first post.
    I would like ask if someone has defiance cut-scene and could upload them because right now i can't install my copy of defiance. I already checked Divine Shadow thread where he uploaded some defiance cut-scene but i need the others because i want to do an amv. Thanks for the attention!

    p.s:didn't know if i had to post this thread here or in the defiance forum

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    I'm not sure it's legal. Well, maybe a couple's ok, though I doubt it, but all of them is certainly against the law. And if not, it should be.
    Edit: Welcome to the forums! btw
    I'm sure that if someone would have some lying around their pc, they wouldn't mind helping you out, though.

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    If I recall, they are indeed official.

    I seem to remember Chris@Crystal (Dynamics, the company who make the games) mentioning them... but we are going back a fair few years now!

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    Well, now I can install Defiance so I can take them for myself but thanks for the replies ^^

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