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Thread: System slowing down problem

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    System slowing down problem

    Okay now, whenever I start playing the game, it runs perfectly for 5 minutes (my card is 6800 GT 256MB and let me tell you it's brilliant), then all of a sudden framerate drops down dramatically - for another 5 minutes. Then back again... and then drops down again... and so on.

    I don't think it's due to my card or anything, because it's been tested elsewhere.

    I tried OTHER games... and same problem appeared !!! It never happened before - I used to play 3D games without a slightest drop in framerate.

    Does it mean my PC is dying? do i need new motherboard?

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    Greetings. Is this always at the same point in the game, or just any random five mins? I'll have a wander through our tech pages to see if anyone has recorded behaviour like this, but from go I'd say make sure you have updated your vNidia drivers. Eidos are working on a second patch atm, and nVidia have released BETA drivers which address some issues when playing Legend.

    This could also be the infamous "high priority" problem with trl.exe, which you can read more about here.

    Finally, is anything else kicking in? Like a virus scanner or anything like that which could tie up system resources?

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    Here is the BETA driver I mentioned above:

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    if u say it happends with all games then its not a problem with TR:L

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    yeah it happens in every game. maybe someone knows the possible cause or maybe someone encountered simiral thing in the past? I used to play other games for few months without a problem... I don't want to sell my PC, maybe it's really simple issue, like dying motherboard or something.

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    More likely a sick, or dying vid card, I should think.

    See if it's overheating. Is the fan on the vid card working properly? How about your case fans? Are any of the case's air vents blocked?

    It could also be a P/S problem, or some other program working in the background even, that is stealing resources.
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    could be higher ambient heat, summer is coming and your comp room might be heating up causing issues that wernt present in the winter...
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    I think I've just solved the problem - I removed CPU fan and cleared some ancient dust and dirt Plugged in again, put Tomb Raider on and what do you know - no more problem.

    Therefore if there's a lesson for everyone of us - don't panic! No need to sell your PC, no need to change graphic card - just apply some basic computer hygiene!

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