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Thread: All TRLE Limitations

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    All TRLE Limitations

    Time for an update on this issue, for 2 reasons.
    1. Im working on a level with ALOT of objetcs and triggers, and I want to be clear before I set too much stuff.
    2. New patches in production have smashed some of these Limitations.
    Rooms: 255 ( Extend original 100 room limit by copying last room)
    Doors per room: 20
    FlipMaps: (Problems with more than 12 ??)
    Flybys : 8
    Cameras per Level: 36
    Texture Tiles** : 256
    Nullmeshes* per Room : 32
    Nullmeshes* per Level : 768
    Objects*** per Room: 100
    Objects*** per Level: 2000
    Triggers per Level: 512
    Polygons per object slot :255 (Now 510 with TREP Patch)
    Level Jumps per game: 42 (4=Back to Main Title, 39=Credits)
    Start Positions per level: 8?
    (Originally someone said this was 6 but i just tried 8 and it works fine. I think some limitations just depend on how much stuff is in a level. Any 'hardcoded' limit can now be altered, with some clever patching, its too clever for me unfortunately lol)

    *Nullmeshes are cameras, lights, sinks, fog bulbs & sounds.
    It appears that flame emitters also have some affect. They don't count toward the total, but during game play they will affect lighting

    **Maximum texture tiles is 256. Maximum textures is 1024. The first 256 textures are taken up for the 256 full tiles, even if there aren't that many in the TGA file. That leaves 768 textures you can create from partial tiles

    ***Nullmeshes & Triggers are included as objects
    A Typical Output (City.Tom)

    *** Build All Begin ***
    Converting D:\Program Files\Core Design\trle\graphics\wads\city.TOM
    Room Tex Infos : 208
    Done sprite remap [16] (Dont exceed [20])
    Object Meshes:643 Null:234
    Using Specific Level Sky Texture File
    Outputing uncompressed level D:\Program Files\Core Design\trle\data\city.lev
    Number Rooms:209
    Possible Unused Room Textures:19
    nAnimRanges = 0, mRanges = 0 nUVRanges 0|
    Textures 2627
    2D Map 13708
    AI Stuff6
    Text Infos 2627 Transparent 126
    Maximum Room Vertices 173
    Maximum Object vertices 126
    Conversion Complete - Well Nearly....
    Reprocess Data - PC Specific
    Open D:\Program Files\Core Design\trle\data\city.lev
    Alloc File Buffer 6645616
    Found 16 Texture Pages
    Found 37 Sprite Infos
    Found 2627 Texture Infos
    Processing Textures
    RTPages 7 BMTPages 0 0TPages 10
    Compressing To D:\Program Files\Core Design\trle\data\city.tr4
    Adding Samples
    *** Build All Complete ***
    Originally posted by TrueRaider-RE:TexInfos
    The number of Room Tex Infos depends on the computer its being played on, but safely you wouldn't want that more than 280 for it to work on all computers. and you can have up to 255 rooms, but it's not always possible to do that as it can crash when the level gets beyond a certain size, not governed by the number of rooms. That's all I know about limits
    Originally posted by dhama-RE:Rooms
    I've come to the conclusion it's not so much the amount of rooms, although you can't have more then 255 rooms, it's more to do with the total amount of tiles that all rooms contain and how high the ceiling is (dividing lines) and how many sloping surfaces there are. This would explain why some levels crash with 255 rooms and others don't.
    Originally posted by psiko-RE:LevelJumps
    The savegame can save infos of 8 levels one next to the other, but the ninth will crash when loading without reason. It's because you have to use in the script some times the resethub line. I hope you know the use of the reset hub line in the script, if not, search my posts about it.
    The savegame can save infos only of 8 levels as limit. At least this happened to me.
    Then with this engine you cannot have more than 42 levels. the 39th is for the endtitle (read the bottom strings of the english.txt) so if you reach the 39th from the 38th, the 39th level won't be loaded but "end strings" will start and it is hard coded... and hard coded are even some of the strings, even if they appear at the end of the english.txt (so they should be all changable, but not all of them are).
    I had this problem with my TR-A, but I needed a level of more, so I jumped from 38th to 41st then set at the end of 41st a final trigger for level 80 (too high so it goes to the load menù).
    But last levels (expecially after the 39th) can have the strings of the script all screwed up. Then, after 41st no level is possible, and enemies like Seth do not hurt Lara anymore after the 39th.. It's all so strange but absolutely true.
    If you have anything to add or any corrections to make to this list please post and I will update the list.

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    The number of "Nullmeshes" per room is actually 36 in winroomedit.
    The number of objects per room includes only wad objects and triggers. But the number of objects per level (2000) includes all of the "Nullmesh" objects as well.
    You can actually have more than 1024 texture infos. While I have not tested, I believe you can go as high as 2048.
    The max # cameras in a flyby is 32.
    I don't believe there is actually a limit on the number of cameras per level.
    The max polygons is not the limit. The limit is the number of vertices per MESH (255) which does limit the polygons. Since non-static objects can have more than one mesh, they can have more than 255 vertices total.

    The limit of 255 rooms is only because of the way the rooms are stored. Winroomedit will let you create more than 255 rooms. Tom2pc will convert it. Tomb4 will load it. But it will not work correctly. An interesting bug, isn't it?

    There is also a limit of 256 non-static objects per level. Some of these must be reserved for special use by tomb4, so it is recommended you do not exceed 240.

    The limit in tomb4 is the amount of memory it has to store everything in a level. The total, including textures, is only 5MB. If that runs out loading a level, it should prevent loading. If it runs out during play, strange things will happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GokuZ
    Objects*** per Level: 2000
    can be boosted to 6000 with this patch | Forum Thumbnailer | Driber Wagon™ | RAWR! | TR Ancient Legends III - Lost Chambers | -- .- .-. .. . / .. ... / -.-. ..- - . :-)

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    GokuZ what patches can you recommend me for a boost and upgrade in TRLE?

    I've downloaded Paolone's extended memory patch, what else can you recommend me besides this?

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    @ Jaden

    Im not sure the memory patch is 100% its still being tested but eventually it will be combined with TREP

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    - don't place trapdoors, raising_blocks and expanding_blocks in a flipmap as this can result in problems with collision with the objects (Lara falling through trapdoor; Lara being blocked by an invisible wall above an untriggered raising_block)

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