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Worst monster

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    In every DQ game, there's a monster who makes you think "Who the flap is this monster and why it does exist"
    For me, there will be always this three:

    Darkonium Slimes: Lamest guys ever. They are so fast, and I hate the particle ray.
    Slugly Betsy: When one of these appears, I can't continue walking. Also 'cause they love casting Kazing. Infinite battle.
    Gem Slime: Like the Slugly Betsys, they don't let me pass. Not so many fast, but they love casting Magic Burst.

    Also Boa Bishop, AU 3000, Void Droid and his freakin' critics, Moai Minstrel and every Block Path monster.

    (After a Void Droid battle Josh always is the only surviver. He's the only who survives the critical hits.)

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    I loathe the Darkonium Slimes for the same reason!!!

    Also hate all of the Armor guys, Charmor, all of them. They aren't strong at all, but they're total time wasters. No matter how much higher in level you are, instead of running, they always chase you. UGH!

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    Boa Bishshops. They have an annoying design and seem to follow you any chance they get regardless of how powerful you are.

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    I always hated the Grrgoyals nd Deadly Dodos but now im at a certain part of DQ6 nd i hate the enamies there

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    Boa Bishops, nuff said. The sole reason I hate finding Ruin type grottoes.

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    Boa Bishshops too. They are just annoying for following you.