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Thread: distorted sound - any ideas please?

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    distorted sound - any ideas please?

    This is for Tomb Raider Legend on PC-DVD

    hey guys, right basically as soon as the menu screen appears (and it continues in-game) I have a rough distorted noise coming from my speakers over the game sound. Pretty bad, enough for me to not play the game!

    It did it from day 1, and after v1.1 patch too. I have just updated video and soundcard drivers too to no avail.

    Any ideas please??

    P4 3.2ghz HT
    Windows XP SP2
    Nvidia Gforce 6600
    Soundblaster LIVE 24-bit soundcard
    Kingston 1GB Ram

    Thanks in advance!

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    TR Legend Sound problems

    Kenny: I'm having the same problem. Lots of in-game crackling in the sound. Plus, every time I hit a "checkpoint," the graphics in the game slow way up. Are you having that problem, too? If anyone finds a solution, please email me. I tried reducing sound acceleration and increasing virtual memory, but to no avail.

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