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Cheats Don't Work!

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    Exclamation Cheats Don't Work!

    Hey guys,...

    I'm having difficulties with the cheats for Imperial Glory.

    I patched the game to v.1.1. I enter PYROGODMODE in the creditscreen, then I hear some sort of battlecry. I load my game and try a cheat LCTRL + Lalt + D (increase money) and it doesn't work?!

    Can anyone please tell me what's going on or what I did wrong?

    Thanks in advance!

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    When you say you load your game it sounds like you mean from a save point. The cheats only work from scratch if I remember rightly.

    Try entering the cheat code on the credits screen then start a new game and enter the cheats, then you're good to go. When you save from then on you should be able to use the cheats at any point in the same game if I recall right.

    hope that helps dude.

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    Hey Lefebvre,...

    Yeah... I got it to work, didn't know what the problem with it was though

    Anyways, thanks for your help

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