so i have been playing since 8-28-13 Love Love the game. I work during the week and my wife logs me on when im on my way home. so does as she has done for 2 weeks and she couldnt get me in. this was 9-10-13. i can not get the Viewer to work it will get as far as takeing my account name Pw and one time PW. Then i get windows can not run this programe Mes. and it closes out FFIX. Anyone know anything about this. i have no anti-virus protection on my Labtop anymore and i know this is not a resion for the Error 1103. I have not added anything new to my Labtop and i can not find any simple fixes for it. i tryed deleting and re uploading FFXIV and i still get the Error So anyone plz Help this is my 2nd day without FFXIV and im so sad