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Thread: New Nvidia Drivers Available!

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    Lightbulb New Nvidia Drivers Available!

    Hey everyone,

    I am pleased to inform you all that there are some new Nvidia drivers available that improve the performance of the PC version of Tomb Raider: Legend for people who have Nvidia graphic cards.

    These drivers are available at

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    cool thx

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    Kool, I'll give them run. Thanks!

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    Thanks Matt.

    Does this mean the Next-Gen demo patch will come along shortly?

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    Cool Those are BETA drivers...

    wait for them to be approved first by nVidia. The one to get is the 84.21 version. NEVER get a BETA driver unless you really want your system to be the world's most expensive paperweight.

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    Heh these aren't beta drivers aren't like they used to be in 1999, these beta are stable, they only add performance to the newer games that need it like tomb raider, your system isn't going to become an unstable pos. I've ran every beta available and never have I had a crash, and heh these make tomb raider legend run even smoother with next gen on, now its playable with the patch and this.

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    agreed, these beta drivers are the best.

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    Be very careful with beta drivers, some hate TFT monitors and wont show anything when booting.

    If it happens press F8 before the Windows loading screen appears and select either safe mode or debugging mode and remove/uninstall them and restart and install a previous non-beta version.

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    Rule of thumb is don't trust beta drivers. There is potential that they can be harmful to your gfx card like overheating it and etc. Always wait for approved WHQL drivers. If you're too anxious and can't wait. Go ahead and try these beta drivers. Who knows what it is doing to your video card.

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    Nvidia's Beta drivers for their graphics cards tend to be very stable. I'm using the new Beta's at the moment and I'm not having any problems.

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    Agreed, Nvidia's beta's are always quite good and stable. Although I don't know what's up with these latests. I installed them and booted up tombraider, but it didn't improve performance for next-gen much(although the graphics look a bit better). I expected that, my machine isn't thát good, but it also decreased peformance when I disabled next-gen. I used to get perfect framerates, even up to 100 in the mansion, but now it was kinda laggish and I had the lara-keeps-moving-without-me-pressing-any-buttons bug.
    [EDIT]Maybe I should've installed the international drivers instead of the US drivers. -.-" Still, no real improvements.
    And my biggest beef, the missing water texture, wasn't fixed, so I wait for the new (official) drivers.

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    I'm running the 84.21 version and TRL runs great on my not-exactly-beefy machine. Sometimes the water effects go a bit doolally, though. Maybe the new version will sort that, eh?

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    do you have the tomb raider 1.1 patch?

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    Ah.. no... does that fix the watery bits? I'll check it out.. cheers


    Installed the patch... didn't fix the water glitch. When I installed the demo, the floor of the first puzzle chamber (with the three cages you move) was all lovely and reflective, but in the full game, it isn't, although water splashes when she runs... weird.

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    Mercury, what graphics card do you have?

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    I have a 128MB geforce 6600GT

    Just installed the new drivers... can't tell the

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    You do have water effects and reflections enabled in the graphics options?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jurjen
    You do have water effects and reflections enabled in the graphics options?

    Hang on, I'll get some screen grabs to demonstrate...


    Aww, poo! I just reinstalled the demo to show how lovely and reflective the floor was in the first puzzle chamber, but it now looks like it does in the proper game!

    Anyway, I've got all the effects turned on (except the next-gen one) and the game runs great apart from there's no reflections in water.

    edit again:


    when I turn on th next-gen effects, then the floor in the first puzzle chamber has a lovely layer of water... sheesh...

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    "now its playable with the patch and this"...ummm...what patch? Where to get it?

    EDIT: uhh...figured it out - EU version only...not US.

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    If you want the water effects back try downgrading to a much older Nvidia driver, 7x.xx or something. (And can you let me know if that helped if you do?)

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    gee can only hope we get a patch for the game now. At least Nvidia is trying to help.

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    i have a question about nividia.

    sometimes when im using another 3d program,i get a slowdown,this seems to only happen when i run the program in a window.

    my graphics card is a nividia geforce fx go5200.

    my resolution i like to use is 1024x768x32.anyone else experience this or know how i can stop this slowdown???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jurjen
    If you want the water effects back try downgrading to a much older Nvidia driver, 7x.xx or something. (And can you let me know if that helped if you do?)
    I tried the old 81.95 drivers and it worked...

    See, I now have reflections:

    Thanks, Jurjen. Seems a bit daft, though, having to go back to older drivers to make it work...


    I got the old driver from here:

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    I just installed the new drivers, and they seem to have improved the stuttering in 'next gen' mode, but not completely eliminated it.

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    I got fast PC and new drivers, Next Gen is still slow

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