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Thread: Very annoying problem - error message

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    Rolleyes Very annoying problem - error message

    i have a very bad probelm.

    set up was fine with TR:L but once i click on the desktop logo, the game begins but once the screen has turned bacl, the dreaded Windows Wrror Message thingy comes up saying 'trl.exe has encountered a probelm and needs to close'

    and therefore i cannot play! any idea what to do?

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    Rolleyes Game doesn't work

    I have the same problem....

    Have just installed this game and applied the patch. The intro movies do not play properlly; the video is all garbled but the sound plays fine. I have this exact same problem with all games released in the last month but none have been fixed!

    But once the movies have finished or skipped the game crashes to desktop giving the windows error message!!!

    I had exactly the same problem with the demo. Please help!!!

    Windows XP x64
    Athlon 64 3200+ S754
    1GB RAM
    Gainward G6800GS 512mb PCI-E (v84.21 drivers)
    Expox NForce4 SLi S754 Mobo
    Creative Audigy 4

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    im almost certain that my problem lies with the graphics card, its spec is so embarassing that i will not even mention it. so im gettin a new card, hopefully that will clear things up

    have u got plenty of space on your Hard drive? although with 1Gb of RAM doesnt sound like u need too much space.

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    yeh I got 105gig available... just doesn't make sense...

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    now works, but without next gen or full screen effects

    With a little bit more trial and error I've been able to get the game started..

    I can enable: shadows, reflections and water effects; but if I enable either: next gen content or full screen effects, the game will crash...

    With my specs these should be enabled without problems, well, full screen effects anyway. As for the intro's they still won't play.. that seems to be a bink video problem with my hardware that noone will fix.

    On a positive note, at least I can play the game.. 1280x1024 fsaa enabled also.. very good frame rate

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