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Thread: Where is my PSP theme?

Where is my PSP theme?

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    The theme's no longer available on the site. So only those who registered the game before the site's "rebirth" got it.
    One who knows nothing can understand nothing.

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    is there any way that you can still get it?

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    Only if someone who has the file sends it to you.
    One who knows nothing can understand nothing.

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    Originally Posted by WildCardCorsair

    Thanks for the info you two, so far nothing has worked. Is it even any good? I've never seen it.

    I just got a new copy, it doesn't surprise me that the membership bonus is now broken.

    Square-Enix seems to mess up anything they do on their website, between this, not allowing me to add a PS3 copy of Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2 to my Final Fantasy XIV beta test application (which would have made me eligable to beta-test the PS3 version too), and, most of all, not allowing me to download my purchased Final Fantasy 7 for PC again after a routine reinstallation of Windows, I am very disappointed with their handling of online transactions.

    I know that last bit was supposed to be Digital River's fault, incidentally, but it's still their product so the "buck stops here" on that one too.

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    Can I get the theme? I only got it recently,so when I saw that I couldn't register it, I had been super mad. Here is all the credentials you need:
    Product number card: 70FD-50BW-XS02-AO3R

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    Ugh, I want it too! I can't even figure out HOW to register my copy of BBS. :/ I'll give mine too.

    Card #: TWA4-ESKA-P6BX-QAGZ

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