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Thread: An evening chat with Morgan Gray of CD

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    Thumbs Up An evening chat with Morgan Gray of CD

    Some of you may know about the chat that was held between TR fans and Morgan Gray of Crystal Dynamics. I asked the question about a Level Editor for Legend or perhaps for the next Tomb Raider and he said....

    MorganGray[9:06:00 PM]: "We have no plans to release a level editor at the moment, as for future releases, that's a possibility. However with the complexeties involved in creating TR environments it might prove to be a bit challenging, but never say never."

    The rest of the chat can be seen here:

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    Thanks for the link dhama and thanks for the transcription Tippy
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    Bad luck about a Legend editor, it'd be amazing to see what the LE community could do with that.

    Was the interview conducted real time over the internet in a chat room? It seems very fluid, everyone talking in a lucid and well thought out manner, not like internet chats I've seen. Usually they go so fast I can't keep up and everyone's talking all at once.

    Morgan seems nice and gave some interesting answers.

    BTW, Tipsko love your site. Lots of familiar faces there too.

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    Morgan was ace and Lydia (of FunkyLydia fame ) guided the interview so only one person could talk. We all took turns and it was an excellent chat.

    And don't forget what Morgan said "Never say never" after the past few years of 'Deaf ear syndrome, and falling upon' it's good enough for me.

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