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Thread: Xbox360 Tomb Raider: Legend Demo on the Xbox360 Marketplace Tonight!

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    Thumbs Up Xbox360 Tomb Raider: Legend Demo on the Xbox360 Marketplace Tonight!

    Hey everyone,

    I am pleased to tell you all that the Xbox360 demo along with some other Tomb Raider goodies will be going live on the Xbox360 marketplace tonight!

    The following items will be available for download:
    - Playable demo
    - Exclusive Marketplace trailer
    - 6 Theme Sets – 5 of Lara, 1 of Karima
    - 5 Picture Packs

    Hope you like the good news!

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    Yup!! Awsome!! the Demo isn't there yet >___< but the trailer was really good. They had like sum FMV lara in it! so cool looking! Hey there isnt a way to take screens while playing 360 is there? i remember someone saying that, or was that only fot DOA4 o.O

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    I still don't see the demo

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    What time zone will this be UK or US

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    What happend to the demo and themes then last night ?

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    We were told this was all going live last night, however apparently they only released the Trailer..

    We dont control this, its all in the hands of the Marketplace team..

    Hopefully they dont delay it any more <-thas me hehe
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    Ahh that's unfortunate, looking forward to playing it all the same though .

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    Demo Is Online Now!!!

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    yah yah!! Im downloading now!!~

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    GAH!!~ this demo takes forever to download >_____<

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    Took me 2.5 hours to download the PC demo... download speed kept getting slower and slower.

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    WHOA took me like less then an hour to get the PC one, but this 360 download is still going. for like 3hrs now. only like 77% done. it's sooooooo slloooow.

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    Is there only one place to download from?

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    The 360 demo? yes the marketplace.

    or the PC demo? theres alot. i got mine from a link on this forum but i have noo idea where. i'm sure its beeen bumped down already. but it did go very fast.

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    Must be a popular demo on Xbox Live. 2 1/2 hours for me and I'm only at 90%. By comparison I downloaded the PC demo in a 1/2 hour. Oh well, good things come to those who wait I guess.

    Do you have an Xbox 360 Trinity?

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    No I do not. It's going to look great on your tv.

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    mine just finito!!! GONNA GO PLAY!

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    hey anyone know of a ps2 demo??

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    It may be available in shops, you'll have to go look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by laraflames
    hey anyone know of a ps2 demo??
    laraflames if you live in the US it is out April 11th but if you live in Europe then its out already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trinity34
    It's going to look great on your tv.
    It looks okay I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yesrushdt
    It looks okay I guess.

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    Yup it looks like that on mine too!!~

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