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Thread: Akuji the Heartless manual?

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    Akuji the Heartless manual?

    I bought Akuji the Heartless a few weeks ago and I'm going to play it after I win BO1. I bought it used, though, so I didn't get a manual with it. I can't seem to find the official site, either, so I was wondering if anyone has a site that describes the controls, backstory, etc. that would be found in the manual. Thanks

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    try going to I'm sure you can find something there.

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    The intro movie explains the backstory, and the controls are pretty straightforward if you've played Soul Reaver.
    Legacy of Kain: The Lost Worlds

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    Quote Originally Posted by blincoln
    The intro movie explains the backstory, and the controls are pretty straightforward if you've played Soul Reaver.
    The only SR I've played on PlayStation is the demo on that disc Anyhow, I think I've figured out the story so far, and I've gotten used to the controls. I want to know if there is a bonus for getting *all* of my ancestors' souls, or if I should just proceed after getting how many I need to face the guardian. Thanks

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    congrats to you for being able to play. I passed the first level, then got irredeemably bored. Controls are so finicky

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    I think you jinxed me I got through the first two levels alright, but then on the third level last night there was one place where the damned camera kept tilting side to side, which caused me to keep falling into a vat of acid since I was supposed to be jumping onto disappearing blocks that were out of my line of sight It was 30 minutes into the level for me, too, so when I got angry, cursed at the game, and turned it off I lost all of that work. I'm debating if I want to give it another try.

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    AWESOME !!!

    Brings back fond memories of 'mid/late 90's' good old game music days that will 1 day make it into our techno or sumtin mainstream music.Also reminds me of shadowman which had great atmosphere & AS crazy as it sounds i NEVER finished both PS1 & PC games ......really long game to finish but for it's time i think they were both very under rated.
    Just wondering if that was also on PC cause i'd like to grab a PC edition of it.

    I'd really like to get the music & sounds off that game so i could listen to it before going to bed.

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