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Thread: Let's have a mighty party!!!!

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    Big Grin

    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgeMaciver
    I got fed up with Scotland and moved heh heh. I now live on the south coast of England
    I repeat: are you insane?

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    Good old Scotland. My father lived there for ages, but he is probably mad

    And here, it's always a party

    But this is just extra special congratulations again! Now where did I put my drink? And ooh! A hot tub! I'll just get one of these special waterproof laptop thingamabobs and I'll be right with you...

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    It's warmer down here

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoranAgar
    Well I'll be doggone. I remembered Larazade, but I didn't know about Lucozade. I thought it was a typo at the lotto.

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    Lucozade?!!! That funny, hyperactive glucosey goodness! I think I drank some after it was associated with Lara

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