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Deus Ex Install Problems

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    Rolleyes Deus Ex Install Problems

    Hi, I've been trying to install a while now on my PC and it's not working. It gets to 'Uncompressing System Data Files', then freezes. I'm running XP, my computer's fairly new and there's plenty of space left on the Hard Drive. I'm using WindowBlinds, but I've tried putting Windows Classic theme on, running the Setup program in Windows 95 and 98/ME compatibility mode and still it won't install. If I simply try and run the program after exiting Setup, I get a message saying 'Please insert the Deus Ex CD-Rom into your drive and press OK to continue, or Cancel to exit.' The disc is the Soldout Software Game of the Year edition. So, is my disc corrupted? Or is my computer just not right? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    (All I really want Deus Ex for is to mess around with it using UnrealEd, including the function that lets you test maps you've made, so if there's a way to get it working without properly installing it, that'd do. Currently it won't install because it says it needs Deus Ex already installed)

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    Exclamation Same Installation Problem, GOTY

    If had the same problem as everyone else on GOTY and the file I think is SystemFiles which mucks it up im not sure how to solve

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    I got the same problem and happened upon this thread trying to solve it. I figured out that there are 3 programs it runs that all lock up at the end of installation (I'm in WinXP with no super weird settings, not sure why it does this to only us). To get installation to finish, you have to Ctrl-Alt-Del to bring up the task manager and end the programs as they come up. The first is "SystemFiles.exe", followed by "TextureFiles.exe", and finally "MDMaps.exe" (I'm pretty sure that's the order). If you simply end these programs from the process manager, it should install fine and let you play the game.

    Hope this helps!

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    That seems odd, but great job paulieweb!

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    Killing process SystemFiles.exe when it hanged at setup solved the problem for me in Windows7. Then the seteup is completed. And i can play the game.

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