Thread: Stuck at New Game/Continue Screen

Stuck at New Game/Continue Screen

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    Stuck at New Game/Continue Screen

    I've installed and uninstalled FFVII several times in hopes of getting this to go away. Not only that, but also, I have downloaded the XP patch and the TNT patch to bypass the 8-bit test...

    So far, no luck, everytime, I get stuck at the screen of Cloud's sword and the New Game and Continue screen... thing is, I can't even move the cursor. It just looks like a plain picture. Is there a fix for this or am I doomed forever?

    Computer info: Toshiba laptop 1.8ghz 1gb ram, basic graphics card, basic sound card.

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    bump, can anyone please help?

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    There's also a laptop patch to get. Probably there's a problem with the way the numpad is configured on your laptop.

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    I had the same problem. Don't worry, there is a patch. Just google "final fantasy 7 pc laptop patch". When it is downloaded, you must drag the file into the game's file directory. It should then work.

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    I know this doesn't help seems ur on a laptop but u must use the numpad
    Enter=the ok or X button
    0 Ins= the /\ or cancel button

    so i don't know how 2 get it to work on laptop....try google for patch

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    Hi everyone,

    i had this problem when i first installed it on my laptop. It's because you don't have a numberpad. You need to find your "Function" button and locate the dual role keys that act as the numberpad when the function button is held down.

    The dual role keys are normally around the U, I, K, J area of the keyboard. Hope this helps

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