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Thread: Lifesize Legend Lara Croft by Oxmox

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    I had no idea that it's some sorts of "illegal" to link things like that --> had I know it I just would have postet the fact that there are some Replicas on eBay. And had I known that these 2 Replicas are fake --> I wouldn't even have considered to post it here.

    Like I said in my first post, I am new to forums and I made the account here just to keep up a litte with the new Underworld Game --> so I searched around the Forum and I found this topic about the the LifeSize Laras --> I had no idea people are looking so desperately for them, considering how easy I got mine --> and because I search for cool TR Stuff on the internet almost once a week, I came accross those Auctions and thought, "great, that's stuff to post" and that's why I posted it. I didn't want to make it look like "Advertising" I just like to give things a "clean" look --> no questions left, maybe that's why you thought it would be advertising.

    Let's say I've learned my lession and from now on I will be quiet and just read the posts and not repost anything.



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    Cool not my problem ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Shoegal View Post
    ... I had no idea that it's some sorts of "illegal" to link things like that ...
    "to err is human" ...

    so relax. deep breaths ... and join the fun ...

    ohhhh and Welcome to the "official" Eidos and Tomb Raider Forums.

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    they are Really Good They Should put Real Hair and Mobilize it on Madame Tussauds Lol

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    I promise I will never post any links --> but there is another one on eBay (a Legend Replica).

    Look's pretty much like the one I have, maybe this one is real.

    Maybe someone who know's should look and let those who want one know if it's real or not, so they can bid or at least make an offer.


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