Thread: parasite eve anniversary 15 years ?

parasite eve anniversary 15 years ?

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    Could we expect an anniversary for PE Franchise this year ?

    Aya Deserve it .. Square !

    Surprise us ..

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    Hi, yeah i remebered getting kind of lost at the central park in Parasite Eve. I never played PE 2 or 3rd Birthday never drawed my interest although i know they were beutiful games by the way. I would like to see a Parasite Eve game on ps Vita yes we can dream at least...

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    Parasite Eve better come back on home Console on The PS3 or PS4 .. I personally wouldn't mind seeing a port for the PS VITA , But MOST LIKELY we better see the game have a strong return on the home console , It would surprise many fans if they did notice the name " Parasite Eve" on the cover of the game especially for home consoles .. If the developers did deliver the Cinematic Survival horror RPG style just like PE1 but with 3rd person view , it will make a hit more than any of the recent Square-Enix games Believe it or not , The whole gaming industry is missing for Survival horror games and the gamers themselves are hungry for this kind of games these days so its a perfect moment for Aya to have a comeback in this style with Square touch :]

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    I'd love to see it, too.

    Even a relatively straightfowrard remake with updated graphics would be nice. Parasite Eve HD collection, anyone? Come to think of it, given the recent tendency for handheld titles making the jump to consoles, I'm kind of surprised they haven't released The 3rd Birthday to consoles.

    Was it ever stated why The 3rd Birthday didn't carry the "Parasite Eve" name? I'm wondering if it's a licensing thing, since the games were based on a novel. If that's the case, and they aren't willing to shell out for the licensing fee, we may never see a new game with that title again.

    E3 is just a few weeks out, so if anything's in the works we'll likely hear of it soon!

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    I hope SE surprise us on TGS with a PE3.

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    No new PE at TGS , No faith left for Square-Enix .

    You Disappoint us Square-Enix .....

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    Could be great to be on VITA

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    Originally Posted by italodance
    Could be great to be on VITA
    No , Tetsuya Nomura promised us that if they want to make the next PE game it will be for sure on HD home console
    A port for the Vita will be welcomed , but a major HD game for Home consoles will be a massive comeback for PE franchise .

    still , we don't know anything what Nomura is hiding up to his sleeve about PE franchise , Just hoping for Hediaki Sena return

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    I'd love to see it. Preferably on consoles, but in all honesty I'd just be thrilled to see the series return with a 100% official 'Parasite Eve' title.

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    Come on Square-Enix, bring a new adventure of Aya Brea for PC via Steam, PS4 and XOne!!

    Man it going to be sooo epic the comeback of PE franchise

    I hope they tease us something on E3 2015.

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    Well, there's this interview made to Tabata in September of 2013 where he was asked about T3B's sequel and he replied saying that FFXV is their main priority, but still...*sigh*

    Though they're making a new SaGa for PSVita instead of smartphones, if we're lucky enough perhaps they'll feel encouraged to make a new PE

    P.S: Btw, I've been preparing a petition to ask for next-gen remakes of PE1 & 2 and more stuff, as soon as I have some free time next month I will start it on and post it here.

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    Hi, I create a project petition in order to convince Square Enix to take back PE saga. If you are interested you can go to twitter page, petition page and facebook page. You may sign it via petition in and retweeting its tweet here More retweets, than more signs. New email is
    If this petition will be saw by Square probably they will made remastered of the saga. So, help us and spread the world! The petition is also in Japan in order to be more efficient!
    Well done mindlessdrawing, I found you here too