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Official Statistics Page

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    Lightbulb Official Statistics Page

    Hey everyone,

    I'm glad to announce that the Official Statistics Webpage is now live.

    The site has two different ladder systems. One based on player performance, and one based on clan performance.

    There is also a system that awards players medals based upon their statistics. I personally think its the coolest feature of the website.

    All competitive information and 25 to Life news will be posted up there as well. There are also some official competitions currently running, so head on over and check it out.

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    I like the stat site, but for some reason my stats got real messed up. If you want to look, the info is in my sig. Really messed up stats. :O
    25 To Life name: CurSivE
    My stats.

    If you look at my stat page, you see my kills and deaths are messed up. If you scroll down to where it says "Weapon efficiency" you can see I clearly don't have that many.

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    no stat page for Xbox?

    thats bogus, thats where the majority of the gamers are.

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    man why does the site always get errors and now it says unable to connect eidos hear my cry i enjoy using the site to see how many points i gained or lost when im playing legit

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    well that page dont work anymore