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Thread: Old TRLE Fans out there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piega
    Yeah, it's a pity. Maybe because the other forums are nicer to look at as this one has dull colors. I think it died because of that. On the other hand the editor is getting older and older and older even with the patch the feel is the same.

    Even I have troubles to finish my game that is in developement for 3 years now. I'm not that enthusiastic as in the beginning but I hope to finish it some day. And that will be the end for editing Miss Croft.
    i really hate this new layout actually, so is the one in tombraiderforums, that's why i stop posting

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    Hey Piega, I hear you. The secret is 20 minutes a day, that's all it needs. If you can find 20 minutes a day you'll finish your level and I think you'll find the enjoyment will return Doing 18 hour shifts every once in a while doesn't work. Marathon runners have to pace themselves comfortably, they can't run in bursts or they won't make the finish line 20 minutes a day and you'll finish your level mate

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    I spent 2 hours a day and a lot in the weekend. The thing is that the custom objects and animation takes a lot of time.

    It will be ready some day I'm sure of that but the magic is gone. In the beginning it was all new. Now I'm tired to use blocks. The blocks serves the objects instead of the objects serving the blocks

    Also many builders know now how the editor works. That is a reason why activity is low around here. Look at the Legend section. It's not that crowded as at Also you have a lack of smilies here while at Skribblerz there are plenty

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    Yep, smilies are the key!

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    Thumbs Up

    Hi! I'm new around here so I don't know much about anything, I would like to meet you all. Well all I can say is that TRLE rules.

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    This may seem a bad thing for someone to say (epecially for someone who's been messing around with the TRLE for 4 years), but I really dislike most Custom Levels even some of the Top 10 games out there.
    Really Ive disliked Classic TR gameplay since a few months after Chronicles was released and TR:AOD was just awful. TR:Legend however has really brought back that feeling I first got when I played TR for the first time. (People who talk about a legend editor at this time need to be hit with a frying pan!)
    Although disliking ClassicTR gameplay I've always strived to do things differently. Looking through the Old Forum Archive things I suggested back then (and was told quite harshly it was impossible) are actually now possible with Animation Editor and the Fabulous new Patches.
    Its good to dream...

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    Guys, without you I'd be crushed right now. Your custom levels have given me an immense load of great gaming to look forward to, instead of waiting yet again three years for another official TR which most likely will disappoint me as the last three did.

    I made a little level first when le came out but my pc wasn't really up to it ( I played TR on PS because I did music on the pc and needed all the space for the progs/audio files) and I appreciate how much work goes into them, so kudos to you all!!!
    I Love Anniversary.

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    Question Piega

    Piega, if you're out there I have a question regarding your lara's look around animation. I've downloaded it, but I have replaced lara's outfit for a new one, so my question is if I add you animation it wouldn't change the lara I currently have or it will????? If you have comments about what new outfit for lara I'm currently using is from Poyu Chen and it's called new adventure outfit.

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    Animations and outfits are absolutely separate. The animations are in the Lara object while outfits go into the Skin and Skin-joints slots. If you replace the Lara object the look around animation will be gone. All other slots are fine to replace so no problem

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    Thanks, Piega

    I've also check the site, you were right, you can find everything from textures, meshes and objects, regarding previous tomb raider games.

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    OMG I was so young and dumb.... or was I

    Originally posted 09-01-2001 07:54 AM (I cant belive i was up that eary?)
    Ok as a true tomb raider fan Im gonna give you some ideas Ive had recently
    Firstly I prefer the obsticles and atmos to the shooting baddie after baddie. I will work towards these myself as I get better at the level editor
    Haunted Castle (Frankenstine mesh), Laras Town, Desert Island got to swim to a ship, (if we get the tightrope ability) a circus
    If laras mesh can be changed and it is possible to give her infinite air Mermaid lara (think about it) Space (can we change the gravity)
    I wanted her death to trigger a level in which she went to heaven. and if she killed anything there that would send her to hell
    Walk up and accross celings like Laberinth with Bowie
    Lara on a moving cruise ship FILMS Stargate this one I will definetly try Vertical water a slipsream current through space and .....I havent quite worked out a re-entry yet.
    Costumes Dragon Ball Z (want want want!!)(2006 Edit:Did it myself)
    marge simpson dress and hair, Wedding dress lara, pregnant lara and an Indiana Jones lara
    I desperately want a spiral stairs wad,under water bubbles/ electricity
    MORE a young laras army training, jungle tarzan lara skateboard/ tony hawk lara turn the underwater proppeller into a flying machine
    Finally my best Idea is ............(Ha as if) wait and see! Im currently working on an updated version of her house (boring I know)
    Then I will start work on my greatest creation and definitly unlike any other game (2006 Edit:ToyStoryDemo)
    OK SKIES THE LIMIT I hope I have Inspired some of you to make levels and lets face it Tombs is getting boring we want lara in the real /surreal world My dream for the future is that we can create full games with fmv that we can put on a cd and run straight from disc. see you soon
    Back then it all sounded a bit silly. They said

    You're 'avin a larf, aint ya?
    Just about everything you said there is impossible to do, apart from things like changing Lara's mesh, which is still a bit bugy. (I think)
    I said

    Just about everything ???!!! It wont be long untill we can change baddies mesh it cannot be impossibe to get her to tightrope jeeze man have some vision
    Seek and ye shall find

    Nothing is impossible as long as you can imagine it

    o O ( I dont know you try to make an impression and help people and all you get is critizism what is wrong with the world today)
    2006 =
    10pts for Gokuz
    - 100pts the Sceptics

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    i will always play custom levels,till they put the nails in my coffin.

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    Me too I guess. Thanks Eidos for releasing the Editor And thanks to folks like Gokuz for having vision

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