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    All righty, let's take all leftover information that's not explained and pick and puck and get everything we can out of it. For example, the Futhark texts in the Underworld, or the Defiance force fields that come up when battles start: they all look the same, but with different colours; they're hylden looking, with designs that remind me of BO2's Hylden city. What's curious is some come up when NOT fighting hyldens, but other enemies. Now this may be just for gameplay reasons, or the team didn't want to bother creating dozens of forcefield designs and so on.

    What's really bugging me, though, is Umah. She says, somewhere around Chapter 3, something in the lines of being anxious about working together (with Kain) "AGAIN". Though in the beginning she acts as if she knows him only from what Vorador told her, I wonder if they had in fact known eachother before. She is obviously about 200-300 years old, and has a father-daughter type of relationship with Vorador (she's also got a tattoo on her arm, like him, only that it's different).
    Aside from this point, I wonder if she's Ottmar's daughter sired by, obviously, the revived Vorador. This is a minor and insignificant detail, but it'd be nice as a tie in.

    Please feel free to add your own questions and such, or discuss the above mentioned ones.

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    The fact that all force fields look the same in a video game is not something to read to much into in a video game. Non-hylden barriers were uncommon, so they just duplicated the hylden model for other characters that made barriers.

    Umah is a young Vampire, 200 years at the oldest, (Sebastian would be almost 400) since she was only told of Kain's exploits.
    Since Vorador can only sire living humans, Ottmar's daughter is not a possibility since she would have died about 100+ years before Umah was sired, if she wasn't erased from history.
    Also, Umah is not the dainty doll collecting princess type.

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