Thread: What do you wnat fixed in a patch : POST HERE

What do you wnat fixed in a patch : POST HERE

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    Big Grin What do you want fixed in a patch : POST HERE

    Ive created this thread so everyone that has an idea what should be improved or fixed in the game will hopefully be fixed in an upcoming patch .
    So feel free to post your ideas here on this forum and if all goes well Eidos will sort something out

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    Hmm personally I didn't have problems with the game

    What I would like to see is some tool of them to extract the soundtrack

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    I would personally think it would be AWESOME if there was some kind of a jukebox option or something along the lines of GTA game radio stations , where the songs could be played manually instead of waiting for 3 kills .
    And being able to listen to them while exploring or driving the car etc.
    That would be badass

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    Exclamation Gamepad Support!!!

    It would be great if you added a gamepad feature in the patch:
    * Full auto-aim
    * Force-feedback
    That would improve the game a lot!!! (it is already a great game though)

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    well for starters fix the sound in the game... i hear no gunsounds at all.

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    I was going to destroy the fourth fertilizer tank and I needed to swing down the wire, over the fence and he kept going right through the ground,...