Thread: Welcome to the Rogue Trooper Forums!

Welcome to the Rogue Trooper Forums!

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    Lightbulb Welcome to the Rogue Trooper Forums!

    There has been a bit of buzz going around about this game, so it seems like it's a good idea to start up some discussion on it.

    If you want to know some more about the game, check out the coverage on these sites:

    Rogue Trooper - GameSpot

    Rogue Trooper - IGN

    Rogue Trooper - GameSpy

    If you want to know more about the comic book that the game is based off of, run over to the BBC Comic Archive. It has the very first Rogue Trooper comic on there.

    There is much more to come, so stay tuned.


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    It's pity that this game became so unknown. I haven't played many Games twice by doing the second rund right after the first...

    Although this game was not saled many times, i hope Rebellion will release a second part. But the ending of this game just tells u that there HAVE to be something else. I also think this could be a very very good movie.

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    I remember playing Rouge trooper a few months ago I liked it..

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    Rogue Trooper looks fantasic. I've been trying to get my hands on a copy for weeks, but I haven't seen it for ages. But I'll get it. Just you wait and see...

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    Red Face (Embarrassed) Power Station exit

    I enjoy playing This game. I have progressed to the power station. I did what was expected, I shut it down. Now I need to exit. Can some kind sole help me exit? Thanks heaps

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    Where to get Rogue trooper

    you can get Rogue trooper at

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    Rogue trooper is "old' (2 yrs) and it is still one of the best first person shooter games on the market

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    Hi, I liked rogue trooper, It was brilliant with a clever story. I hope someday our oversized blue buddy makes it back to the fields of battle!
    Is the comic still going? If its still popular maybe another game could be made, I didnt even know there was a comic until reading this thread. Thanks for the info I will check that out when Im next in a comic store down the street.