Thread: FF7 fmv and 3D models problem

FF7 fmv and 3D models problem

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    FF7 fmv and 3D models problem

    when a fmv plays the models don't move along with the movie. example: when the fmv with clould and the old man at cosmo canyon the models don't move when the platform rises they just sit there in midair. is there a solution to this problem.

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    First I've heard of that one.... I'm guessing you have a bad copy of the game.
    Does it hault the game? Because if it doesn't, I'd just ignore it. Most people have a problem with the shooting star movie, at that point....

    And they end up never leaving that part of the game. Characters just sit on the platform blinking their eyes until you turn it off.

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    I've had similar problems. The FMV at Cosmo Canyon where Bugenhagen and Cloud are about to head up the apparatus, the FMV with the elevator.. the elevator goes up but the 3-D images of the characters don't go along with the movie, and just kind of slightly drift around on the screen.

    It's also happened before too, riding up/down the elevators at Junon, you'll see the elevator going up the screen but Cloud stays at the very bottom until the elevator comes to a stop, then he magically appears at the top.