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PSP Titles to Vita/PC/PSN

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    Lightbulb PSP Titles to Vita/PC/PSN

    Good afternoon, I am going to assume that no one from Square will read this, however I would like to provide a product idea.

    Your company has developed some amazing games, I myself own a majority of your titles, and many more to come. While I am not suggesting that you dwell on the past for future projects I do think you should look to optimizing sales from the past IP product line.

    In this day and age the digital market has become a powerhouse for not only sales for retail products but for digital distribution. Digital distribution I understand does not come as easy as copying some files over and making the game available for download and purchase. When making a game Available for digital download you are however allowing the game to make additional revenue for your company after it's initial shelf life.
    Over a year or two this usually won't make a huge impact, however as the years go by the sales from old fans returning to something they use to love to play, or to those who are just now finding out about the series. These sales will add up and provide your customers a product they want.

    For example:
    I myself purchased a new, unopened, copy of at least six PSP games that were all published and possibly developed by your company. While they were purchased in new condition I am sure your company didn't see a cent of that sale.

    Now old Technology like the PSP has a huge flaw, the disc system, it is extremely loud. While your company did not develop this device you chose to release your IPs onto this platform, seemingly exclusively.
    I for one would LOVE to re-buy these games, and give you my money.

    While these thoughts are far from fresh or new I figured I would step up and mention them, I understand there might be some legal issues tied to the music played in some of your games If a single song is keeping you from making profit from already created IPs, would it be that hard to swap out the audio file for something else?

    I wish you luck in your future, and hope to continue enjoying the great games you provide.

    -Loving Square Fan

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    Any specific games? You may also find that some titles do get digital releases but are usually on the Japanese store. I've got a JP PS3 account and the amount of content is staggering compared to the US or EU stores. Tons of PS1/PS2/PSP titles

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    Originally Posted by Hippy_Pickle
    Any specific games?
    Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and Crisis Core would be a good start.