Have done all of Eidos work arounds, downloaded a ton of video codecs, tried I think every combination of reolution/patch options to see if this video will play, have put the movies to HD, even tried tor ename them tos ee if other videos would play. I simply can't seem to work around this crash like I have with the past ones.

I am crashing at forgotten city on disk 2 for the projection of Aeris video.

I have uploaded the file to here


I was hoping someone could spare a few minutes I am saved qafter the key has already been placed so the water is activated and everything I just can't get past the video.

My Email is Ecliptix2025@hotmail.com

I would appreciate it if anyone could run through. Thank you.

PS if you know a work around for this....I have tried all the ones posted on the web I could find....I would love to know it for the future. Thanks