Thread: Fantasy and Fiction Storys.(Casual Thread)

Fantasy and Fiction Storys.(Casual Thread)

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    Fantasy and Fiction Storys.(Casual Thread)

    You can post here about any Fantasy and Fiction Storys just for some casual story writting. It can be 100 words and try not put it in a few words. Check your spelling before posting. All storys welcome.

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    John D. got done with the night shift

    John D. got paid and his spirit got a lift

    John D. is sleep deprived and his mind began to drift.....

    I think I'll get a game to play, and run to the store by the mall only a couple of days before Christmas Day!

    Got stuck in the traffic, stuck real fast-can barely move cause everyone in his city drives like ass.

    He thought-I'll take a shortcut that's what I'll do and get around the traffic zoo!
    Everyone in the city thought it was such a great idea they decided to take the same route too.

    This happened after getting gifts at Wal Mart before going to the mall, crying kids and crazy people make John want to kill them all.

    Cars swarming all around like bees in a hive....
    Dont you know no one in this town knows how to drive!
    John is praying-'Lord please help me make it out alive!'

    Got to EB and got the game, it's the expansion for Doom 3 and it's not lame, got lots of blood and lot's of pain. John plays games full of Hell and Death with no shame Manhunt! Manhunt! Manhunt!

    Got on the freeway and what a pain, idiots wrecked-now cops have it locked down to JUST-ONE-LANE....

    Carolers in the background....

    On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

    Ah the Holidays! Cant wait till they're over!