Thread: Blast from the past

Blast from the past

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    Cool Blast from the past

    Thought I might drop by.

    Been a while since I've been here, and probably won't be able to spend much time quaffing suds and swapping stories.

    It is nice to see some of the old timers around, along with a lot of new faces.

    Just wanted to say Hi.

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    Well, hi there! Welcome back.

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    Hey Nightwalker

    Good to see you are still around too.

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    Don't know why you were away, and don't care. WELCOME BACK and don't be a complete stranger. Stop in now and then.

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    Woohooo! Welcome back! (if you don't recognize me, it is because I'm new)

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    Hey there, Cushy Trumpet. Have you been playing any Thief lately? There are tons of great new FMs for Thief 2 out there....

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    Hi Blackman. Good to see you around.

    Redeye - I would say welcome, but I haven't been around for a couple of years, so I think that would be out of place. However, I can say Hi, Glad ta meet ya

    Hi Peter. Haven't played much Thief since I finished TDS. After loading Win XP, I had the standard problems with TG and T2 and when they did load, the grapihcs were all messed up, so I put them on the shelf. I may pick them back up and get them working properly, I don't know. I do know there won't be any CT runs, I am getting to old for that

    So, anybody seen BrokenArts, Chiefdreams or Pigeon Boy? Tin Star? Grey Mouser? Screech? Ricknmel? Squid? Lonestar? Any of the dozens of others that used to be around? I don't mean to slight anybody, but my mind is a terrible thing

    And it is good to see all the new taffers who haven't heard my psychotic ramblings.

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    /me slides a drink down to cushy trumpet. Hey there. Long time. The old timers of the forum still lurk these halls. Crazy isn't it. Rick popped in not too long ago. Clayman is lurking somewhere. Heard from Sneak the other day, we are still here. A good crowd never dies. We just continue to lurk, and stay in the shadows.

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    Big Grin

    /wiping foam from corner of mouth. Thanks BA. Now can I have my wallet back so I can pay for the next round as well?

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    Originally Posted by Buglesoft
    Hi Blackman. Good to see you around.

    Chiefdreams Still hereor ...Tin Star? Likewise Grey Mouser? Gone on to other things Screech? Ricknmel? Squid? Now and then Lonestar? Any of the dozens of others that used to be around? I don't mean to slight anybody, but my mind is a terrible thing

    And it is good to see all the new taffers who haven't heard my psychotic ramblings.
    See notations in red.

    TDP, GOLD, and TMA will run on XP with a little coaxing. You need to try the T2X mod. All in all a pretty good job by the crew in spite of the in-fighting. 600 MB DL from or you can ask and a volunteer will burn and send you a copy gratis.

    Don't be a stranger.

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    Thanx theBlackman.

    stranger than what?

    Actually, probably only have a week or so of regular lurking, then reality will probably encroach. We'll see.

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    Than you "R". Careful though, there is a EDITOR for TDS. There is also a mod that removes the fancy smanchy and puts you back to the original GUI for THIEF.

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    OK, OK. I went through the trouble of getting TDP and TMA loaded and started through. It is amazing how much, and how little, I remember after being away from the games for 2+ years (not counting TDS).

    May be a good thing. I have discovered about a half dozen things I don't ever remember in TDP, and I am only taffing through that madmans mansion in my quest for the Sword. I do know that I have taken much more damage than I used to. My times are also slower, but a lot of that has been spent doing things differently (like going right on Ramirez's ground rather than left, etc), and spending time looking around som more (not sure I ever max'd loot in the Bonehoard before).

    All in all, I can easily say that despite all the new games of various genres, TDP and TMA both hold up extremely well! Despite the graphics, they are both still thoroughly engrossing and entertaining.

    Now, having just spent all that time repeating what everyone already knows, Have a nice day!!

    ps theBlackman, Don't look for me to pull up hte TDS editor anytime soon. I did load the Dromed for T1 and T2 and realized that I remember NOTHING about them. After spending all that time many moons ago trying (with mixed results) to create a mission, I can't see myself doing anything for TDS. If anything, I may revisit my MH mission to round it out, but I wouldn't count on it.

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    Not a suggestion, or hint, or even wishful thinking (you do do good work). More like a warning. Addictions come in all forms.

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    Thumbs Up


    I don't lurk; just drop in unexpectedly, then disappear, much like those fearsome dudes in "Equilibrium".

    Kids, work, travel, my iPod, and computer problems have kept me in the middle of mission2 of TDS. But I'm still ploddin'.

    Stick around...
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    a thief

    Me, the Thief, enters the rooms.

    Hi all, just stole one of the great swords from the prince armoury. u guys want it?

    Those guards had a hard time with me. I sneaked behind them and did a backstab.

    That sword is priceless, bring me gold and i show it to u.

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    Your post is off-topic spam and, as such, is against Eidos forum rules. Please do not do this any more. If you can't be constructive and on-topic, then don't post.

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    Hi all. Figured I'd hijack the thread to pop in and say I'm still a live too!.

    I've not had time for Garrett taffing, but I tries to be sneaksie when I can just to keep in shape.
    why the taff won't my pick work?