Thread: in the fog during game play

in the fog during game play

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    Question in the fog during game play(video card issues)

    I am unable to make out anything during the game after I left the main headquarters. The hud mode is perfect but the foreground is like your in a total fog and in gray scale. I am using a radeon 8500 with direct x and all drivers upto date, please help

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    Try going to the Setup menu from Snowblind via the DVD or your Windows Start Menu. Uncheck Enable Full Screen Effects and see if this helps. If it's already checked, try unchecking. Fiddling with Snowblind graphics is kind of a try and try again proposition. You might also want to do an advanced forum search with the specific term 'fog'. Other people have encountered this.

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    Cursid Fog OF DOOM!

    yeah i too get that cursid fog only in some maps a selection of deathmatch maps most work and there is no fog,
    first mission no fog
    the second mission Forget about it its so thick cant even tell if im looing up or down most of the time so yeah FIX IT Or something! c'mon patch the mofo! how long ago was this released damn it iv seen FREEWARE UPDATED MORE RESPONCIVELY! WTF.

    Iv tryed googling the hell out of Possible leads on a fix or advice to get it to Work but nodice either.

    im using
    Directx 9c
    radeon 9200pro /W catalyst 5.13
    Athlon xp 2000+
    windows 2000
    all other minimum requirements are met and exceeded a bit.

    the fog makes the game totaly unplayable i feel a bit CHEATED
    AS I BOUGHT THE DAMN THING NOT KNOWING IT WAS ON A DVD!!! and then had to go out the next dam day.and buy a dvd bad

    iv also tryed Tweaking the hell out of the game with the config and running through the .Ini enabling disabling settings in there to no avail.

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    Ranting mad.

    Goddamn the tech people at Spedios or crustal Duhnamics must be NOOB'S!! I've seen better tech support from Freeware developers. And they dont RIP PEOPLE OFF! cuz its FREEWARE. What gives im shure thoes tech noobs are forshure making atleast 15/20$ an hour sitting in there quaint cubical punchin buttons. But c'mon hurry it up! My 49.99 must have gotten to them by now so use that money and put a move on fixing the crap (Please).

    or atleast put a post saying Pc version is obsolete and no patch to be released to i can stop complaining and seek a method of getting a refund some how.

    and if a patch is released or they finaly email back in the next 2 days I take it all back

    2 DAYS Edios/Crystal dynamics who ever u are 2 days....

    after then its all over im sending you the burnt crispy remnance and a special suprise in defication form to your tech department collect nodoubt.

    Unless this is all a ploy to kill Pc gaming. All it takes is several years and for each Big console game developer to take their hit console games and crap them up for pc so the console version is far more superior every time and every one will get the hint and thus keeping the small guy making mods and maps on his pc to further expand the game for free.
    Where with out them developers are free to unleash a rash of bad addons including maps and mods which used to be free because people at home could make them if they take the time and effort every one using a console for gaming would be brain dead and we'd all have to be labotomised to take every thing the developer throws at us for 29.99 in add on new release form
    taint no way im movin to the lazy console.