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Thread: tomb raider comics?

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    tomb raider comics?

    Hey yall.
    im new here.
    was wonderin does anyone like the tombraider comics?
    i love them.
    cant wait for legends.[IMG]

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    Hi psylocke.

    Sorry but I have not read the comics but love the comic art. That reminds me, isn't the new comic supposed to come out in January. I wonder if there is any news....

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    I found the January solicitations for Image/Top Cow comics but no Tomb Raider. I wonder what is going on with the comics.

    EDIT: But I did see this... remember the TR comic that included a new character called Magdalena? The girl who fights for the Catholic church? Well... it looks like she is going to have her own movie.


    Producers Scott Mitchell Rosenberg of Platinum Studios and Gale Anne Hurd, founder of Valhalla Motion Pictures, on Tuesday announced that they are developing Top Cow's spiritually themed comic book character Magdalena as a feature film.

    Kevin Taft, who recently signed a writing deal for New Line Cinema's Alone, has been tapped to write the script.

    Magdalena is about a young woman named Patience who discovers that she is part of a lineage of female warriors descended from Mary Magdalene. Patience must accept her destiny in time to save the world from a supernatural evil. The film's present-day action-adventure storyline draws on elements of biblical history.

    "Magdalena is exactly the kind of project we love: a strong female lead character, a story with rich mythology, and compelling characters," Hurd said. "The religious overtone adds a new dimension to the adventure story, while Kevin Taft's terrific storyline still deals with realistic, contemporary issues in an entertaining and relatable way."

    "Magdalena is one of the most popular characters from the Top Cow library we have been introducing to the industry," Rosenberg said. "The character, which is already available also as toys, has tremendous potential to cross over onto online, interactive games and other merchandising.

    "Platinum Studios is very excited to be working with Gale and Valhalla on this project, because Gale has always excelled at presenting strong female characters, from Aeon Flux back to Terminator, which was not only a seminal action movie, but also a compelling female-empowerment story."

    Comic creator and Top Cow Productions CEO Marc Silvestri will also executive produce. "The need for faith in any form is what Magdalen' is about," said Silvestri. "Patience's journey is, ultimately, about having faith in something -- God, a loved one, or the human condition and the need to believe in something that is greater than ourselves."

    The picture's development will be overseen for Rosenberg and Hurd by Valhalla's Executive Vice President Gary Ventimiglia and VP of Production and Development Steve Emery, and Platinum Studios' Director of Development Aaron Severson and Director of Production Jay Burns. Top Cow Productions President Matt Hawkins will co-produce.

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    When the comic series ended they stated it would return coinciding with the release of the new game. I think the January date was just a rough date of when they thought the game would be released.

    Did anyone else know you could read some of the comics online? Very cool feature.

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    That's a great link, DKSM, thanks!

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    Thanks DKSM, I've just added the link to favourites for a later read

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