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Patch Problems

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    Patch Problems

    I've had IG for a while now and just recently DL'd the patch to update my software to v1.1. After playing for about a week, I noticed that additions such as the battle speed timer were not working (i.e. Ctrl +/-, or turning off the ingame narrator with Ctrl V). Plus the cheats like PYROGODMODE were not operational either.

    I uninstalled my software, reinstalled, downloaded the patch again - and now I'm getting an error message telling me v1.1 is already installed! This isn't true because I have started the game several times and it plainly says v.1.0.

    Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong and what I should do?

    EDIT: Forgot to mention this is a PC, not a laptop.

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    Help Please

    I am having the exact same problem...I even re-installed the game and it still says the same thing...What can I do?...A reply would be most appreciated.

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    Does Patch Work?

    I solved that problem by deleting my registry files and re-installed the game...that worked and let me install the the problem is that the patch does nothing!!! slow down or speed up time...i tried the number keypad and keyboard numbers + and- with and without ctrl(left and right ctrl buttons) to no effect...please help

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    Smile Thank You AM

    I downloaded that updated patch...It worked!!!...Thank You for the help and the quick response AM.